Sunday, September 27, 2015

Scam Tactics: Two-Face, revisited

Previously MLMSkeptic has covered "two-face", i.e. present two separate distinctive personalities to different audiences, as an Herbalife tactic.  Tell government and Wall Street 72% of participants do NOT want income, while holding a convention cheering on those who did profit and entice those who haven't joined with prospects of income.

But there is an even simpler version of two-face... present someone NOT as who they are, by simply dressing them up as something else.

And there's an update later about how Gemcoin / USFIA is being condemned in Vietnam... but first...

Those of you who keep up with the USFIA / Gemcoin developments should recognize this guy (photo from May 29th 2015 USFIA event):

Live ammo shooting coach Security Guard Chang (Zhang, actually) Right 5, photo with fans
With a bit of help from the newspaper ChineseDailyUSA (owned by Sho Tay of Arcadia, BTW) we've determined the guard's surname is Zhang (yes, I misspelled it in the translation).

And with a different photo, where the guard is now... "international jewelry appraiser", was identified as John Zhang. / Professional Gem Appraiser John Zhang (Right 2), Company VP Leonard S. Johnson (Right 3)
international market president Alicia Gesier (Right 4)  and Toronto International Market President eric Wu (Right 7)

If you're wondering why did the translation differ... I'm just going with original material, man.

But recently I came across a different coverage of the same Toronto event... / USFIA VP Leonard S. Johnson announcing USFIA Currency Fund Gemcoin's formal release and introducing
Alliance Financial Group (AFG) background and its affiliate USFIA Currency Fund
the guy on the right is, according to placard: John Zhang, international jewelry appraiser

So we have his full name, "John Zhang", and a search at Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, who licenses security guards and investigators, and you get "ZHANG JOHN BAO PING" of West Covina, CA.

The logical conclusion is the "jewelry appraiser" and "security guard" are the same person: the security guard was dressed up as "jewelry appraiser" for the Toronto event, and possibly for the other events in various Chinatowns as well.

That is two-face, at its most basic: present one face, the guard face, to the locals, then at where people don't know you, you can be other people, like "appraiser".

And the Toronto event and its coverage belies the recent "denial" of USFIA, where they claimed they don't even operate Gemcoin.

Here's the title of Toronto news as covered by local media

富豪货币基金 在大多伦多面向华裔推虚拟货币

Word for word breakdown would be

富豪 Royal
货币 currency
基金 fund
在 at
大多伦多 Greater Toronto
面向 toward
华裔 overseas Chinese
推 promote
虚拟货币 cryptocurrency / virtual currency

Add it together, you have "Royal/USFIA Currency Fund, at Great Toronto, promoted virtual currency toward overseas Chinese"

So what is "Royal"? That's the 2nd Chinese name picked by USFIA, i.e. 美国富豪

Still don't believe me? Let's look at the first paragraph, i.e. summary:

2015年1月17日  2015-JAN-17
美国富豪货币基金  / USFIA currency fund
在多伦多钓鱼台国宴 / at Toronto Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre
举行了大型的新闻发布会  / operated a large press conference
暨新年联欢晚会。/ and Chinese New Years celebration
发布会上公司副总裁  / at the conference company VP
Leonard S. Johnson
宣布了美国富豪货币 / announced USFIA Currency
基金珍宝币的正式发行,/ fund gemcoin's formal launch
并介绍了美国AFG集团公司 / and introduced US AFG (Alliance Financial Group)
的背景及旗下富豪货币基金 / background and its affiliate USFIA Currency Fund
所发行的珍宝币的升值潜力及展望。/ and its Gemcoin's appreciation potential and outlook

Any one still want to debate whether USFIA owns Gemcoin or not?

Vietnam seems to have no such doubts.  (Link in Vietnamese)

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