Monday, August 4, 2014

Scam Psychology: Sponsorships can be fradulent; the story behind Energee, Indy Car, and possible Ponzi scheme

In May and June 2014, a new energy drink suddenly popped up on the market called "Energee", backed by some "Integrity Asset Group", who apparently announced that they will be the primary sponsor for Bryan Herta Autosports's Indy Car, and they have the pictures to prove it. This is the announcement on BHA's website:

BHA announcement that Energee will be their sponsor for IndyCar, as of 09-MAY-2014

Yet less than 2 months later, 31-JUL-2014, BHA is suing Integrity for breach of contract.

BHA sues Integrity Assets Group, et al, 31-JUL-2014
That of course doesn't stop all the press releases, and publicity photos, announcements, videos...  Mostly to Spanish speaking folks esp. South America.

Spanish promoter touting Energee as "next best income opportunity"
promises bazillion more products like electronics, vehicle tires, and more
What happened, and why did IndyCar and a famous Indy racing team accept an unknown sponsor?

Lack of due diligence.

Let us do a little research into what is this "Integrity Assets Group" ...

Integrity Assets Group is a total unknown before May 2014. Its own domain was only registered in June 2014. On its website it claimed it was founded in 2012 along with various unverifiable claims. This stood in clear contrast to its domain reg.

A California Corporation by same name was registered in April 2013 (not 2012) in West Corvina.

There is also a New York Corp by the same name, but that address goes to a Regus mailbox/virtual office.

Officers listed:   Alex Al-Ajlani (mentioned in press release), Melissa Haltom (on Linked In),  and Brad Snosevick (on MyLocal / Facebook). Though Haltom and Snosevick's name require a lot more digging.

The only background found on Alex Al-Ajlani was he used to be a car salesman at Autobahn Motors in San Mateo, California.

Melissa Haltom was apparently a real estate agent and at one time ran a pizza place in Southern California.

Brad Snosevick... and Integrity Assets Group... Well, he used to sell himself as some sort of bankruptcy / foreclosure specialist...

MyLocally sais Integrity Assets Group is ran by
"Brad Snosevick" and specializes in bankruptcy

Especially on Facebook (but this page is no longer public)

Facebook page confirms bankruptcy services, claims services as
attorney, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and so on. (page has since been deleted)

But he's NOT an attorney, according to California Bar Association

California Bar Association has no listing for Snosevick

So how did a bankruptcy not-attorney, a real estate / pizza girl, and a (used?) car salesman have to do with racing sponsorship? Good question. I see no link here.

What about "Energee"? It gets even weirder.

According to TradeMarkia, the "Energee" brand, with the lightning bolt between the last two E's, only filed for trademark on Jun 14, 2014.

There was no mention of "integrity" or "drink", but it is a trademark for energy drink.

The registrar, "Overall Success Corporation", is a house on a cul-de-sac. 6420 LITTLE BROOK TRL
RIVERSIDE, CA 92509-6150

There is a website for "The Overall Success Corporation" at, but it appears to be some sort of an income scheme where you paid them $200 to start, $20 a month and get $100 for each person you refer them who also pay them $200 to start and $20 a month for some sort of "success life plan". And it's all in Spanish.

Weird. Eh?

But what is this "income opportunity" that the Spanish speakers were touting all over? It may be a Ponzi scheme, according to BehindMLM.  where you purchase "positions" in the company and share in the "revenue".  Put in $2151, then 200 days later take out $4000. It's essentially an HYIP trying to BUY legitimacy (as a sponsorship) with its member money.

Back to the lawsuit. According to documents obtained by MLMSkeptic, BHA is alleging that IAG has promised to pay $2 million to BHA for the sponsorship. Of which, BHA has received less than 25%. (i.e. it has received only 470K).

All of this I found online in course of couple hours, and I had some help in the form of other BehindMLM readers / fellow scambusters.

But really, did IndyCar / BHA do no due diligence when it comes to sponsors? Or are they so desperate for money they don't care where the money comes from? That they really think no shady people dare approach them to sponsor them?

Let this be a lesson to other sports franchises and whatnot... Beware of people who may be shady but want to get their name associated with YOUR name by giving you a lot of money for "sponsorships".


  1. Excellent analysis! These scammers need to get busted!!!

  2. This company is the real deal get your facts straight the product is on its way out u bunch of turds

  3. Companies associated with Raul Gonzalez all scams:

    Empresas Asociadas con Raul Gonzalez
    Credit Repair Solution, Glass Source Corp, Mas Financial Svcs, Solid Investments Group Inc, Solid Land Mas Corporation, LA Property Investments Inc, LA Investments Group Inc, Property Investment Group Services Inc, Impressions Furniture Manufacturing Inc, Medical Data Management Inc, Mi guia Inteligente, Supreme Glass Source, My Super Savings Club Corporation, My Eagle Corporation, Punta Banda Corporation Inc., Punta Band Spa Resort Beach & Sports Club Corp, Costa Del Sol Baja Ltd, Amero Group, My Eagle Group No.1 LLC, My Eagle Group No.2 LLC, My Eagle Group No.3 LLC, My MGI Corporation, C2kn Corp,
    T N I Corporation, United Success Group Corp, Gothic Management Inc,
    WBTG International Services LLC, Caring Choices Enterprises Inc,
    GM Cad Design Partnership, Btl International Group LLC, Mente Maestra 24/7

    1. Brad haha this man has showed several leaders in the organization bank bonds in the billions!!
      Just ask around, when leaders asked integrity for proof of financial backing Brad showed the bank bonds, But he hasn’t given any of the members their well deserved checks???
      It is time this man pays for being a scam artist and a thief, the list of lies, and broken commitments this man has made will cover this entire page.
      First let’s start with the racing car!! It was a great start, it convinced every person this man indeed has money and this company had a powerful financial backing, after all it was on TV, the indie 500!!
      But why the lawsuit why didn’t integrity pay for the contract ??
      The man responsible for connecting the racing team with integrity was Alex Almohana the CEO, that man vanished when the car wasn’t paid!
      Brad told everyone Alex Almohana was transferred to a different office, and staff members say Brad caught him doing some fraudulent things against the company, and Alex Almohana was bad mouthing the company at the local bank.
      Brad claims this is why the Wells Fargo merchant account was never approved, again two different stories.
      If we talk to Mr Alex Almohana himself he would confirm he walked away he didn’t have trust in the owner anymore and left.
      After the car trouble members started to request checks and company gave a number of excuses.
      Number one was “they froze the chase account” due to excessive activity but MR Brad you’re a billionaire ?????
      The company then asked for time to re-issue checks with a new bank and this never really happened very few checks came out!
      What about the energee drink ? It never came out, why ? Well that’s because this man cannot pay for this to get done!!!

  4. Ms. Haltom of Integrity Assets Group is also being sued in the Superior Court of California, Case No. VC 063 499.

    1. Good question. "Superior Court" always go with a county. Somehow I didn't catch that. Thanks for the reminder.

    2. what about the members money ??? ex-employers that were concerned about checks not being paid asked Brad about these type of issues. Brads response was he collected every single member’s money and he saved it, claiming to have labeled it with the member’s name just in case things didn’t work out he would give it back, and shut down.
      He told employees all expenses had come from his retirement and that the MLM was nothing to him. He said it was 10% of his business and he can close it at anytime.
      Leaders have also heard the same words come from the owner Melisa Haltom.
      This man has convinced everyone around him he is this billionaire and must feel very powerful but it’s time this man is exposed. Employees also say this man claims to be a stock genius and a expert this is how he retired and earned his billions.
      If this is true, it’s time we go to the integrity office to claim our money !!!!
      In recent months integrity announced a debit card and a new payment solution they claim to fix the check issues and pay every member what is owed.
      Members had to pay for the new payment program and are still awaiting payment? Why is this ? how can you ask us to pay but u don’t provide one single payout ?
      Leaders were invited to a seminar at the corporate office, where this system was put to the test and it worked!!! Something positive ‘for once.
      I asked the representative from the payment company the following ” if this system works and you can give us a check today, then why can’t integrity pay all of us that signed up through this system since they claim to have bank issues and regulations with their current bank”? After all I just seen you write a check using my account?
      The representatives response was integrity just needs to deposit the money u don’t even need to wait for your debit cards, you can write and print yourself a check today integrity must put money on your account.
      I asked if they had a limit per check, their response was 100,000 would clear if the funds where available!!
      We’ll Brad how about putting up a small piece of your billions for the hardworking people that you have scammed !!
      I have talked to some of the employees that where hired to model for integrity’s clothing line everyone either quit or was fired they claim Brad promised them they would travel around the world and work with companies like Victoria Secret, Nordstrom, & Old Navy.
      One of the employees claimed being in the room where mr Brad assured them they would just shut down the MLM since they secured so many contracts with these major companies.

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  6. is brad snosevick (aka brad smith) raul gonzalez or vito glazers

    1. Doubt it. Mr. Priestner seem to be posting info about Vito all over the place. If he doesn't come back and explain I'm going to nuke all his comments in 72 hours.

    2. As promised, the Vito comments have been deleted.

    3. Whoever wrote this "blog" is an idiot and doesn't know WTF they are talking about! Integrity Energee drink is a great company and will be a fantastic product! So you need to shut up. Why don't you go get a REAL job instead of sitting around writing a "BLOG".

    4. Whoever wrote this comment buried his head in sand and can't deal with reality. Did Integrity pay up the rest of 2 million yet as they had promised? No? Good, shut the f*** up. You go get a read job instead of telling other people to shut the f*** up. You really think this is my day job? Muahahaha.

    5. Agreed with Kasey. I have requested 5 checks, but never received any, even a penny. How can I take our money back? Please help.

    6. Also in recent months public relations executive member Jose Chinchilla stepped away from the company.
      This man has been there from the start, why did he walk away? He claims he left because MR Brad had lied to him for too long and is not who he says he is.
      Once he concluded Brad was not who he claimed he decided to step away, the company owners lashed out and claimed he stole 3 million dollars.
      I don’t believe these claims but this is my personal opinion I don’t know for a fact.
      They also let go a receptionist, she was also accused of stealing by the company. How does a receptionist have access to your company funds ?? Not even your bank can write the members a certain amount of checks ??
      On the way out of the office this employee claims she was assaulted and accused of stealing when she tried to resign.
      When asked why she was leaving she said she could not deal with the stress of members asking for checks and her not being able to get answers from anyone.
      She has filed a police report and is now seeking a attorney.
      As you can see the company is loosing members and staff and the owners are getting desperate pointing fingers at everyone but them!!
      Anyone who has been fired or involved is being accused of stealing by Brad and Melissa. How can anyone believe anything coming out of their mouths by now?
      Their is also a circulating image that shows integrity account balance at 15 million dollars. Let’s get our money back and let’s take this liar down!
      Integrity has also handed out post dated checks to members if I’m not mistaken that in itself is illegal!!!!!!
      Their is no way possible this man is who he says he is. This man lives in an average home in El Monte CA, according to conversations with members and employees he claimed to drive a few Lamborghini’s and Ferraris. He claimed he lived by the beach in Malibu, in his own mansion and he had multiple luxurious homes.
      With the help of friends this is the info I got: Investigations show this man did not own a mansion, he recently purchased a home for his sister, but not under his name.
      Investigation also showed this man had a credit score in the low 500s and collections of 600 dollars ???? A billionaire with that low of a credit score ?? And he can’t pay a debt of 600???
      Didn’t wall street teach you about the economy and how credit works??
      My belief is that this is why the man isn’t on the corporation ownership or anything Else he must be planning on disappearing. With everyone’s money swift action is needed by all members lets stop this man!!!
      Investigation also showed Melissa recently purchased a home in Victorville cash !!!

    7. Too many random accusations, folks. Keep it clean if you can.

  7. There is an agency name “Lucky LLC” which closed to Little Sai Gon and some Vietnamese’s lady works over there. They asked people give money to them and they will share their point, so that they can take our money. We have gave to them over 100K and they shared their points to us, but until now, we have not get any checks from them. Just an attention to Vietnamese people, please stay away from the Lucky LLC group. They are a scam and be careful with them. Please let us know what can we do to sue them.

    1. 1) gather receipts, evidence
      2) go to Santa Ana courthouse and file small claims lawsuit if under $10,000. over 10K - go get a lawyer
      3) have someone else not related to you serve the court paperwork to her
      4) return proof of service to courthouse and get scheduled court date

    Oct 26th, 2014 at 6:34 am (Q)
    Integrity Ass Group… located in 100 n barrannca st in west covina, most of first floor, also in 8th floor suit #870…. it is “energy drink” company, besides having some bs samplers they do not have anything, its a SCAM.
    Members complain everyday about not getting their checks. Who ever has points I suggest cash out now, for some its even too late.
    Most members are not aware of the real scam going on, the things Mr. Brad Smith Snosevick (aka Anthony) is masterminding.
    Who ever says he does not have money, thats a lie, he does and a lot of it, stolen from people who were sold a lie.
    He has it in a trust fund and off shore accounts. He claims he was a stock expert, also that he used to be an FBI agent, joined after he graduated university, but for someone who graduated a university in the states he can not clearly speak or write in English.
    He claims to live in Las Vegas and has a private jet, also lies. You will never find a picture of him anywhere without his sunglasses, he also had plastic surgery to change his face structure.
    He is a masterminded scam artist, he lies to people and investors about owning gold mines, having contracts with dubai to buy tons of gold. Its all lies, it is a PONZI scheme takes money from investors pays back other investors gets their trust gets more money then screws them over.
    Company is running out of money and is in trouble. His top master distributors with his sons stole a lot of dirty money from the company and disappeared, and “CEO” Melisa is part of it as well, but Brad is the one running the show, he is the sole owner of everything.
    Whole company and the energy drink is a smoke screen to steal millions from people. He does not even have money to pay his employees, they are getting worried and scared and are getting ready to flee with the millions they made.
    Recently they just added few security guards that look like professionals and claim its for to look more professional, but they are probably hired to protect them from angry members.
    Brad does not live nor owns a house in Vegas he lives few minutes away from the company i did some research and the address is (Ozedit: address removed).
    He is seen driving a red mini cooper, black mini cooper, a black suburban, and a black bmw 750. his phone number is (Ozedit: phone number removed).
    If the owner of the company is full of lies what do you expect from the company itself? Integrity Assets group does not have lotta time left because all the scrutiny got the attention of the SEC and west Covina DA. and other federal agencies.
    IF you are a member cash out right away and hope with some miracle that you will get your money back. As for the south koreans who just invested millions in the company good luck ever seeing that money again.
    Brad Melisa and all the other “master distributors” are going down alongside with the company. Goodluck in investing your money and expecting a return… cash out while you can and run. That’s what i did.

  9. Now brad Smith snosevick is trying to scam through Neutro Plus solar ,Neutro plus, and Neutro plus fast track
    All that a just read it's happening again everything it's the same just different product be careful
    He's office is on 1055 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017 floor 33 suite 20 and 18

  10. I wish I had seen all this sooner. Anybody else know what he's been up to now?