Tuesday, April 30, 2013

God and Ponzi: WTOL special report on local church leader's role in Profitable Sunrise pyramid scheme

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WTOL has a special report on Profitable Sunrise pyramid scheme, and how a church leader in Toledo, Ohio has promoted it heavily within the local community, leading to financial ruin for many.

The program profiled Nanci Jo Fraser and her NJF Global group, AND her church "FocusUp Ministries", and her followers who heavily promoted the Profitable Sunrise ponzi to the locals, telling them they are doing God's work by giving her money, and can earn 2.7% PER DAY with their money (for reference, Bernie Madoff only offered about 10% PER YEAR). What really happened is any money that came in was used to pay off a network of recruiters 3 levels deep and the rest disappeared into somewhere in Europe to persons unknown.

According to the news report, Ohio state had filed lawsuit against Nanci Jo Fraser, along with a cease and desist order to stop marketing this fraud immediately. Furthermore, research showed that FocusUp Ministries, despite claims of being non-profit, was NOT registered with IRS as a 501(c)(3) charity.

This is an affinity scam that sell you on emotion for you to hand over plenty of money for empty promises.

You can watch the full video report at the PatrickPretty website, which also linked to WTOL website.

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