Sunday, March 3, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: "Profitable Sunrise" HYIP issued "cease and desist" by North Carolina

After the demise of Zeek Rewards, many Zeekheads ended up on Profitable Sunrise, which was one of the dozens of schemes trying to go after Zeekheads. Profitable Sunrise claims to be in UK, but in reality seem to operate in Czech Republic. On February 27th, 2013, North Carolina issued a cease and desist, ordering Profitable Sunrise to cease operating in North Carolina immediately.

Profitable Sunrise is what's known as HYIP, or "high yield investment program", usually a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme. Though it often claimed to be associated with more legitimate names or locations. However, investigators associated with state of North Carolina pointed out that funds are wired to a bank in Czech Republic for deposit into Profitable Sunrise, and thus, there's no doubt that it is offering an investment product, and thus, conducting business illegally in state of North Carolina.

Those who keep track of such scams may recall that TVI Express, a purported pyramid scheme, received a cease and desist from Georgia back in 2008, essentially killing it in the US, though it managed to continue to attract participants in certain corners of Asia.

Read more about the C&D by PatrickPretty here:

Read the actual C&D here:

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  1. You may want to do your homework TVI EXPRESS is alive and doing very well. Even though many in georgia were bard from participation whilr those around them and in other countries are making lots of money with it.

    1. TVI Express is dead in India, US, all of Europe, Australia, most of Africa, and most of Asia. The only place it's "really" alive is Philippines and some corner of Eastern Europe.

      Denial will get you nowhere.