Sunday, January 6, 2013

More Zeek Hilarity: Woman claims she know more about Securities than SEC

Sometimes, people just behave so idiotically  you wonder if they were taking drugs or had a mental breakdown, but they are clearly lucid.

Many such examples exist for the Zeek Rewards Ponzi. 

In an article published 20-DEC-2012 in The Dispatch of North Carolina, one Zeek affiliate Basinger, who was employed as "Law Firm Administrator" (i.e. head secretarial staff) claim that she knows what securities are, and SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION does not. 

Basinger strongly disagrees with the SEC's action.
"Zeek Rewards wasn't a Ponzi," Basinger said. "I think this whole thing is a big misunderstanding. I bought bids that were given away to people participating in the penny auction. I never bought a security — I know what those are."

Wait.... WHAT?!?!?!
She knows what securities are, and SEC does not.

That is so stupid, I don't know how she can say it with a straight face to a reporter, and still work as a "law firm administrator".

And not just any random SEC employee knowing what securities are, but SEC LAWYERS who filed claims in FEDERAL COURT to shut down a $600 million  INTERNATIONAL Ponzi scheme, and she claimed they don't know what a security is (they have misunderstandings), and she does.

Ah, but wait, there's more! The article also explained that while Basinger actually lost money (she put in almost 4K, but only got 1.5K out) she doesn't feel victimized. Really, what's what she said.

What sort of illusion did Paul Burks weave that it still continues to work for MONTHS after the shut down? Is this some sort of mass hallucination?

I sincerely hope when a newspaper quotes you, you don't end up sound as stupid as this woman did.

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