Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Signs of Work-at-home Scams

Every day more Work-at-Home Scams appear. Most are just rehash of old scams, albeit slightly updated for the Internet age. However, they still share some basic characteristics:

Scams *cost* you money, instead of paying you money

They always have an excuse... it's for supplies, it's for lessons, it's for a special insider info, it's to see if you're serious, blah blah blah. You WORK FOR MONEY. You're NOT in the business of PAYING money to earn money. That's called an "investment". If you are asked to pay money to earn money, run away!

Scams usually do High-Pressure Pitch, Time-Limited Offer, Buy Now!

Scams want your money now. The more you think about it, the less likely scam is like to succeed, thus scams will always make their stuff look good, then use high pressure sales tactics on you with "time limited bonus" and such, to force you to commit now, which makes no sense in a business. Why is this thing time-sensitive any way? Scams and fads are time-sensitive. A real opportunity is not. Avoid the hardsell and artificial time pressure!

Stop being desperate. Scammers can sense your desperation and use that to hook you.

ALWAYS take time and someone who's in a DIFFERENT SITUATION to look over whatever it is you're thinking about joining. A fresh set of eyes with different view will have a different perspective on things.

The more time you spent think it over, the better the chance you have of making a rational instead of emotional decision.

Work-at-home should earn you money, not cost you money. Beware, beware.

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