Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How Google Weeds Out Scam

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Ever wonder why Google don't display bad ads? That you don't see ads to malicious websites, and such?

There are HUMANS in the decision loop.

That's right, Google have TEAMS of people going over the people who buy ads. Both the ads and the sites that the ads link to are reviewed, as well as the company's background info.

The three teams (review ads, review sites, review advertisers) share data, so one company that triggered one alarm system is automatically reviewed by the other two, and all together, it eliminates the scams pretty thoroughly.

If you want the full explanation, you can read the Google blog yourself:

What is the lesson you can learn from Google?

There is no single test that can tell you if a certain business is a scam. There are always lots of things to test. Here are just SOME of the possibilities:

  • The company itself could be a total scam
  • The company itself may be legal, but it's operating illegally due to some bad compliance issues
  • The company itself may be legal, but it's operated by ex-criminals
  • The company itself may be legal, but its business model is illegal
  • The company itself may be legal, but your uplines are operating it illegally (by neglecting to mention a lot of things you SHOULD have known)
  • The company itself may be legal, but it's NOT profitable to the average affiliate
  • and so on

You need to have multiple tests to be performed on a particular business opportunity. If several of them indicate problems, you may want to heed the advice and go somewhere else.

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