Monday, January 7, 2013

Another MLM Bites the Dust: MPB Today Owner Jailed License: PublicDomain Keywords: people Author: AbiClipart Title: Magnifying Glass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Gary A Calhorn, owner of MPB Today, an alleged MLM dealing with discounts and groceries, is apparently under arrest and facing both state and Federal fraud charges, according to report on

Apparently, the biz closed back in July when a grand jury allowed the forfeiture case to proceed against various properties and corporate entities held by Calhorn. And he was arrested last month on racketeering charges by Florida. Forfeiture case seem to be linked to "access device fraud", which usually means credit/debit card terminals and possibly identify theft. There are also references to wire fraud and conspiracy, both are Federal crimes.

Grocery delivery had always been a joke. Nobody will want their groceries delivered except maybe by a LOCAL supermarket. Webvan tried that and failed spectacularly several years back. So how's a company in FLORIDA going to compete? It doesn't. It's joining an overpriced outfit and the only reason you'd do so is for the income opportunity, which makes the whole thing a pyramid scheme.

Appearently, the Feds agree that the whole thing's not kosher at all.

BehindMLM did a review on this back in 2011. It's lousy. I'm surprised it lasted this long.
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