Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hanlon's Razor, and the human potential

TED (conference)
TED (conference) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
World Renowned psychologist Viktor Frankl held a talk in 1972, and it's preserved on TED

In the talk, he basically said that you need to expect more from people, so they will grow to meet the expectations. If you expect very little of people, then they will merely meet the low expectations.

This blog, MLM Skeptic, grew out of the same thought, that MLM *could* be legal and profitable, but 90-99% of the people are doing it wrong, and thus, causing misery to a lot of people, and enabling scammers to borrow its banner to disguise their scam.

However, in order to grow and improve, it is necessary to document what is proper, real, and legal, vs. what is wrong, fake, and illegal, and there are plenty of them, from the way scammers trick people, to how mislead members use fallacies to justify their scheme, and so on and so forth.

Hanlon's Razor is similar to Occam's Razor... it's a pithy saying, that you should never attribute a bad outcome to malice "first". It could be mere incompetence.

I choose to believe that most people in MLM are doing it wrong out of incompetence, not malice.

Unlike my various "opponents", who believe I am "anti-MLM", I am not. I am neutral. I am a skeptic, not a cynic.

There are plenty of critics out there who point at MLM and see a huge scam, something that should NEVER have been legalized, and so on. I understand their viewpoint (and a lot of their criticism is justified)

I disagree with their aim to outlaw the entire thing, but I believe scams need to be stopped. We merely have different scopes of what we hope to accomplish.

Any way, watch the lecture, and find your own meaning in life (though I hope you don't find meaning in scamming other people).
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