Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When in Doubt... Do Something, and LEARN FROM IT

A lot of readers seem to think I am a very... "negative" person, as I seem to see the world with jaundiced eyes, that every MLM that came along is a potential scam, so on and so forth. And I seem to sow doubt in people's minds.

(Then a few pundits ask if there's a scheme I actually endorse... the answer: NO!)

These readers failed to realize the purpose of this blog, which is to

  • explain the potential (and real) problems in MLM
  • explain the scams that takes advantage of MLM gray areas to ensnare victims
  • explain the tactics of such scams, such as the lame excuses, the fallacies, and the bad arguments
  • explain why certain schemes are ILLEGAL based on current caselaws and such
and so on

I point out signs that you do NOT want to see in a scheme, in hopes of teaching you, the reader, what are red flags you should avoid.

I point out the bad arguments defenders of suspect schemes use, so that
  1. you spotting such bad arguments used to convince you when they shouldn't, and 
  2. so you don't use the the same bad arguments when you try to win someone over
The problem here is not me, but the bad arguments people make.

You learn two ways
  • Learn how to do it the "right" way
  • Do it the wrong way, then learn WHY it's wrong, so you don't do it that way
I am showing you "what not to do" AND WHY. It is up to you to learn from those "bad examples".

So if you are having doubts, sure, do whatever you like. But LEARN FROM IT, whether it's right or wrong!

So what if you got it wrong? Learn from it! Sure, in MLM, if you picked the "wrong horse to bet on", you'll be severely embarrassed, esp. if you recruited friends and family into it.

But that's what you need to learn, how to spot the red flags and avoid the losers!

So to summarize, if you think I'm merely negative, there is SOME truth to that. However, if you think I am warning people from MLM, then you misunderstood the purpose of this blog.

I am warning people away from BAD MLMs and pseudo-MLM scams (and MLMs using bad tactics).

I am NOT urging you to avoid MLM altogether. After all, you will miss 100% of the shots you did NOT take.

So go ahead, join whatever you like. But LEARN FROM IT. What works and what doesn't, but keep in mind that MLM is not new, and thus, what you did... someone else probably already learned the hard way. If you enjoy banging your head into walls, instead of reading someone else did it and it should be avoided, go ahead. But then, if you never heard about other people did it, or didn't believe any one did it, then you probably did not do enough research.

NOTE: This blogpost was inspired by Jonathan Fields' blog post: What if I choose wrong?
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