Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"High Def Nation" MLM pulled plug before launch (UPDATE: they're baaaack!)

High Def Nation was supposedly founded by 4 MLM veterans that plans to sell health plans via MLM.

BehindMLM published a review of HDN on October 16th, linking it to AWIS (not insurance)

I published a review on October 17th, looking into ownership of AWIS and related entities, and how HDN members are recruited. My conclusion is the offering is... suspicious (NOT insurance), and HDN's comp plan is very likely a pyramid scheme as it offers pay on recruitment.

On October 19th, High Def Nation's "provider" AWIS chose to sever all relations with HDN.

On October 23rd the HDN website no longer exists. It's now a parked domain.

EDIT: On October 24th, HDN revised their entire website, and no longer mentions what it does, only that it will launch on November 1st, 2012.

I have no idea if BehindMLM's review or my review had anything to do with AWIS's decision (I highly doubt it) nor do we know WHY AWIS did what it did.

It is, nonetheless, interesting to speculate the reasons.

BehindMLM review of HighDef Nation

A MLM Skeptic's Review of High Def Nation

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