Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Idiocy of Trying to Profit from a Scam Without Violating Any Laws

In a lot of these pyramid schemes and suspicious HYIPs, those who get in early makes money (and those who start such things, of course) and those who got in late lose money.

Thus, it stands to reason that there's a certain... Clique of such people who then starts to index such operations, trying to "time" it, i.e. Make a killing then take the money out before it goes kaput.

Then there's the websites that advertise to those people, and makes a public index of such programs to attract more traffic and more ads.

Why would ANY ONE put their money in these non-sensical products?

Sure these programs advertise HUGE profits... Up to 2.75% DAILY. Yeah, right. (Sarcasm)  Simple logic should tell you that there is no legitimate investment that can generate this sort of profit margin consistently (or even 1% daily)

So anyone who put their real money into these programs are of two types:

1) Idiots who actually believe the crap

2) People who think they can outscam the scammers who set up the scam in the first place

Neither are logical.

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