Saturday, March 9, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: British authorities cracked down on "Profitable Sunrise" HYIP

British Financial Services Authority (FSA) on March 5th 2013 put "Profitable Sunrise" on its warning list of questionable companies and individuals that does NOT have a license to provide investment anywhere in Great Britain. 

Most of the list were setup by fraudsters to "clone" a real company by making one that sounds very close to it but Profitable Sunrise, operated by the Novaks, made the list because it is an HYIP, essentially a pyramid scheme that relies on recruiting more and more people paying into it to pay a huge return to the early investors. Profitable Sunrise apparently operates out of the Czech Republic. 

It's also reported that New Zealand may join the list of countries declaring this HYIP verboten. 

Another similar program that was shut down by the Brits recently is called Royalty 7, another HYIP. 

Profitable Sunrise had earlier been banned / warned by two US States (North Carolina and Alabama). Yet you can find advertisements for them all over the Internet, many of them posted merely a month ago. 

Any one who had already been defrauded by Profitable Sunrise (which includes many former Zeek Rewards people) should contact their local authorities 

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