Sunday, March 10, 2013

Breaking News: BidXCel closed

BidXcel, which apparently launched in late 2012 (after the Zeek Rewards ponzi scheme was shut down in August 2012), apparently closed in March 2013 with only a terse announcement on its website.

None of the leaders can be found, and even affiliates that formerly claimed to have made "six-figures" from BidXCel is now blaming the company for "management made a lot of mistakes leading to affiliate frustration".

There's even hearsay that one of the company owners allegedly said that this sort of business cannot survive in the US... at a craps table in Las Vegas.

BidXCel supposedly is a "legal" version of Zeek Rewards, where the company compensates affiliates to making bid sales. However, all affiliates seem to talk about was recruitment of more affiliates. The "six-figure" affiliate above claimed to have spent 3 months recruiting 200 affiliates, and each of those affiliates went out and gotten her 2000 downlines, resulting in her six-figure income.

Clearly this "opportunity" ain't what it cracked up to be... But it may have soaked up millions of dollars... and a lot of people bought something worth virtually nothing.

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