Friday, March 15, 2013

Breaking News: More US States Shutting Down Profitable Sunrise

The Quintessential Sequential Sunrise
The Quintessential Sequential Sunrise (Photo credit: Boogies with Fish)
Previously we have repeated reports from that Profitable Sunrise, an HYIP that claims to provide outrageous profits through "bridge financing" in the UK, but is in reality an outfit in Eastern Europe headed by the Novak brothers, was shut down in multiple US states, as well as Canada, UK, and New Zealand.

Now it seems that the rest of the states in the US are joining the flood of shutdowns. Checking various news releases shows states of Florida, Delaware, Texas, Nevada, Alaska, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and probably several more have joined the quickly growing list of states out to stop Profitable Sunrise.

According to, at least 22 US states have either issued "investor warnings" or actual "cease and desist" court orders against Profitable Sunrise.

North Carolina seem to be especially sensitive to such schemes, when SEC moved in to shut down Zeek Rewards Ponzi back in August 2012. Zeek Rewards Ponzi may have involved up to two million people, making it the widest spread Ponzi in US history.

What is interesting is individual states are naming the top recruiters for Profitable Sunrise in their own respective jurisdictions, stating the recruiters were soliciting investments but are NOT licensed to do so, thus violating the law.

The Profitable Sunrise servers went down yesterday, claiming to be undergoing maintenance.
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  2. Nancy Jo Frazer has already received a subpoena and is looking at 15 to 20. Choosing to attain an online "Christian Minister" degree, so to be able to pray on others, so she can get money from Christians by taking advantage of them. Her husband is going to lose his Bank Manager position and their children are going to be taken through a horrible experience. So sad.

    1. Nancy Jo Frazer has never been charged with anything. She is a marketing consultant who works with many companies. Leaders will request that she makes a powerpoint explaining a program and teaching people how to use it. She was asked to be a Group Leader as her referrer could not help her team due to an illness. She was required to submit a Charity. She chose one of which she sits on the board. She never took any monies from any charitable donations. No individual was to be presented with Profitable Sunrise without knowing the risks of it being offshore and that nobody had met the leader. As Nanci and other leaders saw that being abused... she pulled all powerpoint materials off the internet. She and others worked to take over 4000 pieces of data about Profitable Sunrise off the internet. She had put her name and picture on her powerpoint as she believed the program to be real and honest. She became popular for all her help as people needed assistance. 97% of the people who she helped find lost funds... answer questions and more to this day are not even in her pay plan. She is doing everything she can to help everyone recover from this unfortunate situation and is always there to take our calls for help. Her finances have already been validated that she did NOT make any significant monies from Profitable Sunrise. Some say she would have made more if she worked as a waitress or in a Department store. She spent most of her time helping people NOT recruiting. She is already a Minister through a church sponsor not an online degree. She has never taken any online Ministry classes. She was on the board for a Ministry that NEVER took any monies fro Profitable Sunrise from the overseas donations. She has been married for 27 years... Her family is rock solid together as one unit no matter what. While sad for all the turmoil generated by those who do not know her over Profitable Sunrise... not one person of whom does no her and worked with her has ever said anything negative against her. So if you read anything accusing... mean or negative... ask the person writing it (who will usually not show their identity- if they have ever met her). The answer will be no. Their family rejoices in their eldest sons full healing from brain surgery thanks to the prayers of thousands of people. Nobody had any idea that Roman Novak would betray thousands of people's trust. Patrick Pretty is a made up character whose URL goes to Lynn Eggelston and James Paris sites who has been charged in two states for Securities fraud. It is amazing they would spend so much time trying to destroy something. Those bank accounts in Beliz may have some interesting answers for the Feds.The scam busters are about to get busted. They all are being turned by thousands along with other scam website hosts for investigation for possible paid interest. The FBI is well aware of these websites... as well as the Securities Exchange Commission and Attorney General's Office. Those who live in glass houses will need to think twice before throwing stones.

    2. So the TV station that did the investigative reporting is also "destroying something" as well?

      Your narrative is pretty much her version of the story. Unfortunately it doesn't add up when compared with facts.

      Common sense should tell you that daily profit of over 1% is impossible for any consistent basis, yet that's exactly what Profitable Sunrise promised. This is like claiming "I didn't know a magician performs fake tricks." It's not believable.

  3. Toledo 11 News is aleged to be under investigation and is being turned in to theFederal Comunications Commission for media fraud as they presented false and misleading information on their TV Show about Nanci Jo Frazer, her family and FocusUp Ministries. Toledo 11 News and their reporters are also are accused of child endangerment as they took photos of the Frazer children and broadcast them on a damaging and negative report that has proven to be false. Nanci Jo Frazer has been proclaimed as being a victim of "innocent ignorance" by the FBI as she worked diligently assisting customers of the company for eight months not knowing of any challenges the company had coming.

    1. So you're that "fake reporter" who chose to put up a fake story, eh?

      FBI had issued no such statement. They withdrew something that was moot, and you're choosing to interpret that event alone, without the context of all the additional charges filed by various state and Federal agencies.

      It's probably NOT a coincidence that the PPBlog website is down at the moment. I don't believe in coincidences.