Thursday, March 14, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: More jurisdictions slam "Profitable Sunrise" HYIP

Previously we've reported that several US states, as well as UK and Canada have denounced Profitable Sunrise as a suspect scheme.

As it turns out, other states and countries are joining the party. reports that Ohio and Kentucky have joined the US states outlawing Profitable Sunrise.  Ohio claims that 15 other states have outlawed Profitable Sunrise.

In a separate report, also noted that New Zealand has also called Profitable Sunrise "illegal", and urge all people who had dealings with it to contact the authorities (FMA) right away. The promo video appears to feature a marketing group based in the US recruiting NZ people.

HYIPs promise outrageous profits over 1% interest DAILY if you hand over your money to who knows where. Generally they are small scale Ponzi schemes.

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