Monday, April 29, 2013

More Reload Scams Targeting Ponzi Victims

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English: WFMY-TV microphone on display at the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame in Raleigh, NC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
WFMY TV have profiled a scam that is specifically targeting Zeek Ponzi victims.

By using an "Zeek Rewards is Coming Back" name on Blogger, it claimed it has a fast track into the recovery process, and ask victims to send their bank into to some address somewhere.

Other blogs have yet other scams claiming to recover funds lost in the Profitable Sunrise international pyramid scheme. Just send money to some overseas processor.

Ponzi victims, often desperate for help, will often believe scammers who claim to have a special way to recover the lost funds... but of course, needs more $$$ to do it for "expenses". This of course produces no real results and plenty more anguish and false hope. 

Which makes scammers that take advantage of victims the vilest of all scum. 

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