Friday, February 1, 2013

ZeekRewards Receiver shows proposed online claim form, claim will start before April 2013

According to report from, who kept track of all Zeek Rewards related court matters, Zeek Rewards receiver Ken Bell have just filed a "mockup" of the claims website with the administrating judge. The claims website is where victims of Zeek Rewards enter their losses and such and thus officially register with the receiver in order to receive any compensation out of Zeek Reward's remaining assets.

According to the same report, the claims process is expected to go into effect before the end of first quarter 2013, which usually means before end of March (in less than 2 months).

If you lost money in this scam, then ANY one who is fighting the receiver (such as the various winners, including Craddock, Kettner, and so on) is your enemy, unless you persist in the delusion that this make-money-fast-do-nothing business is legitimate.

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