Monday, January 28, 2013

Andy "Ad Surf Daily" Bowdoin is now officially in Federal Prison

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The 78-year old Ponzi schemer Andy Bowdoin, who ran "Ad Surf Daily", one of the more popular "auto-surf" fakers, who convinced people to buy "ad packages" and somehow that watching ads qualified them to earn a lot of money, tens of thousands a month, is now officially in Federal Prison, according to

Bowdoin had been documented to be swindling since the 1990's (fraud in Alabama). When Ad Surf Daily (ASD) was shut down in 2008 by Federal raid, Bowdoin went as far as calling Secret Service "terrorists", and US Government "Satan".

Bowdoin's ASD also attracted many names that will be VERY familiar to the later Zeek Rewards scam... Todd Disner, Jerry Napier, Trudy Gilmond, and many others. Though besides Bowdoin, few are as outrageous as Kenneth Wayne Leaming. Leaming is one of the more bizarre HYIP promoters, who openly provoke law enforcement by filing false liens against law enforcement agents, prosecutors, and judges by claiming his own "sovereign" interpretation of laws. He tried to pass off a $1 million "permissory note" as well as harbored two Federal fugitives, and even founded a militia group that was eventually raided by FBI's Anti-Terrorism Task Force, resulting in his arrest and current jail sentence in Federal prison.

Even after being ASD's shutdown in 2008, Bowdoin continued to promote dubious schemes such as OneX, claiming that it will raise funds for his defense. In 2011, Federal agents presented evidence to judge that Bowdoin had continued to participate in such schemes, and 2012 finally see Bowdoin's conviction in his $119 million ASD Ponzi and his arrest and transportation to jail.

Supporters of Bowdoin, such as Disner, continued to claim that ASD is a real business, not a Ponzi scheme.

Virtually identical language was used to defend Zeek Rewards by its various promoters after it was shut down by the SEC.

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