Thursday, January 31, 2013

Major Zeek Rewards Receiver Update: more funds located, investigation still ongoing has reported that Zeek Rewards receiver Ken Bell have posted a massive update where he outlined progress done to refund all victims (not the winners) their money. Additional money have been located in an East European nation and has not been returned yet. Records and such are still being analyzed, and US Secret Service is still investigating.

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  1. how long do you feel it would be before we start receiving our funds. and about what % of our funds you think we will receive back . I am out of 8500.00 that i need as soon as possible my wife and I are both out of work. please hurry

    1. It'll be a few months still. Zeek's record keeping is pathetic, as Receiver needs to sort through multiple accounts, downline paying through uplines, so on and so forth. So far, expect no more than 50% back (it could be as high as 70%, but don't get your hopes up too much). The "winners" are launching lawsuits to claim they "earned" your money. At least two sets of lawyers have attempted to intervene with the receiver's job.