Thursday, July 9, 2015

USFIA Update: Turns out both the Chinese name and the English name may have been stolen

Today, MLMSkeptic takes a deep dive into the Interwebs, to dig up who is the REAL "American Mining" (it's NOT USFIA), by looking at various corporate listings as well as news from Asia to prove that the name "American Mining" was stolen by USFIA.

USFIA which supposedly stands for US Fine Investment Arts, was known as 美洲礦業/美洲矿业 in Chinese, which translates to American Mining. Chinese Commercial Yellow Pages (CCYP) shows that they are the same:

Screen cap of Google Search Results for 美洲礦業, confirms that USFIA
美洲礦業, which translates to American Mining
Furthermore, when the scam was active in China, it used the same logo and Chinese name. This is primary rep Ho Peng at such a seminar in Macao. Ho Peng was arrested in China in June 2014 along with 21 other promoters of USFIA 美洲矿业 in China.

Ho Peng, USFIA top rep in China, at a promo event in Macao April 2014.
Ho was arrested in June 2014 for his role in 美洲矿业 scam. 
And just to confirm, this always has been USFIA's logo. This is the current rendition of the logo:

"USFIA Inc. US Fine Investment Arts"
The address matches. This is indeed the USFIA in question. And this is a US Corporation registered in California by Steve Chen.

Profile for USFIA in California, which used Chinese name 美洲矿业
which means American Mining, even though USFIA
supposedly stands for "US Fine Investment Arts"

However, we do have a problem as there is already a 美洲礦業 in Shenzhen, China. As this is in China, the proper way to write it is 美洲矿业 (simplified Chinese).

And yes, they have a logo. This was from a talent wanted ad they posted earlier:

America Mine Holding Talent Wanted ad in China, short profile on company in Shenzhen, China

And this one is easy to verify via third party sources. Search for AA Mine Mexico brought up an official Mexican government listing of mining projects in Mexico with Foreign Capital:

Official Mexican Government website confirming AA Mine Holding is Chinese owned

Okay, sounds legitimate enough. Is there yet OTHER sources to prove this is the "real" 美洲矿业 , i.e America Mine Holding?


Sure, how about a LinkedIn profile for their Chairman of the Board?

LinkedIn Profile for Farin Lee, Chairman of the Board for America Mine Holding
But wait, you said, anybody can type anything on LinkedIn. Is there something confirming THAT? Sure. Here's a press release from an official Chinese government website, confirming that Farin Lee Chairman, America Mine Holding, attended a convention in Hong Kong along with officials from this Ruichang City.

Screencap of Ruichang City Department of Commerce Press Release
of June 2012, where Farin lee of America Mine Holding attended. This is
NOT USFIA, but the REAL America Mine 美洲礦業
Thus it is confirmed that USFIA 美洲礦業 is a copycat flying another company America Mine Holding's Chinese name. But the name appropriation didn't stop there.

Previously we had explained that this "UCCA" used a Chinese name that is substantially similar to the Chinese Legislature. The Chinese name UCCA goes by is 中美政治协商促进会. The Chinese legislative body CPPCC is 中国人民政治协商会. They substituted 中国人民 (Chinese People) with
中美 (China America) and they added 促进 (promote) but the idea is UCCA wants to SOUND political and official, but their real name is:

There are THREE WORDS missing from the abbreviation. 

It's not an agency, merely a 'consultant', and you notice they left out "liaison / consulting services" out of their own initials.

And finally... USFIA itself is not an original name. In fact, if you search for USFIA online, you'll find that USFIA is "US Fashion Industry Association".

In other words, EVERY ONE of the names involved has problems.

USFIA is redefining someone else's initials, and has NOTHING to do with mining as suggested in its Chinese name. 

The Chinese name of USFIA, 美洲矿业, was a clone of a real company in Shenzhen, China. 

UCCA conveniently left out a few words off their initials to sound far more official than it is. 

UCCA's Chinese name 中美政治协商促进会 appears to be a soundalike of a Chinese legislative body 中国人民政治协商会. 

Still think USFIA is legitimate? Think again. 


  1. USFIA says that UCCA was an agreement signed by Obama and Xi in 2013.

    They claim that Steve Chen was a founder of China Unicom.

    They promised a platform for the public (which is "open" but only for 40 accounts") and that the US-Government legalized Gemcoin and Bitcoin; also, this platform is regulated by the US-Government and made jointly with USFIA.

    Also, they show photos of Apple Pay "accepting" Gemcoins and other ridiculous claims.

    Here are some screenshots of the platform:

    1. As the oldtimers may say... "horse puckey!"

      It's the same way they claim California AB 129 "legalized Gemcoin". No it did not. it simply removed restriction that "All california business MUST use legal tender".

      Obama and Xi signed a general agreement. To say UCCA resulted from that is like saying I am healthier because of Obama. What really happened is I got Obamacare.

      There is no platform. They keep changing the story, even claimed it's actually owned by state of California. It's now July 10th and nothing.

      They bought two ATMs for their own lobby and swapped the "topper" just so they can now boast "this ATM takes Gemcoin" (it does not, it actually uses Global Cash Card, which are considered VISA prepaid cards)

      Steve Chen could NOT have start China Unicom. Their story is Chen started it in 1993. China Unicom was started in July 1994!

      About Johnson in Dubai... Did they tell you they bought him a seat for $50K sponsorship of "gala dinner" where he can ramble about Gemcoin during dinner when nobody listens. But OF COURSE they made it sound as if he was invited there to talk about Gemcoin, to the sheik, eh?

      Give the amount of bull**** from them I surprised they haven't created a new sundae in honor of Chen or USFIA like the Brazilians did for TelexFree.