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CONTINUED COVERAGE: Interush was ALREADY declared illegal in China in 2012, fined in Taiwan in 2010!

Emblem of Hong Kong
Emblem of Hong Kong
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Further research on Interush's asian ventures hit a bit of a snag as Interush apparently used multiple transliterations and thus, multiple names, which made research more difficult. However, once the proper search terms are found, all the evidence of crime started showing up on Baidu, Bing, and Google searches.

The keys are their Chinese names... one used  英达锐  (pronounced In-da-zuey) and another is 英特USH  (prnounced In-te-ush). Sometimes, the product, that "IRIS suite" is called "讯联网" which is just "comm net". 
Once these terms are located, following 4 news items popped up.

Don't Let the Comm Net Scam Catch You!  (12-DEC-2012)

Summary: a grandma in the Jiaojiang region of China, who never touched computer before, much less take a trip, was enticed by a saleswoman to get a visa to Hong Kong to attend a 3-day class and invested thousands of RMB into this "comm net" with promises of being a net millionaire. This turned out to be illegal pyramid selling under prosecution around China. However, the money, being paid outside of mainland, is impossible to get back.

Comm Net Scam Investigation; IPO Lie Scammed Tens of Thousands  (20-AUG-2012)

Summary: Comm Net scam is an illegal pyramid selling scheme that relies on recruitment speech that claims that this will be the big chance to score Internet riches after Google, Amazon, and Baidu. Many recruiters posted ads around Southern China around Guanzhou (aka Canton). Scheme was already outlawed in Nanning, Jenzhou, and Inner Mongolia. "Subscribe" and become stock owners, then when company IPO members will earn lots of money. It is illegal, and it is against the law. Police do what they can, but due diligence is up to the citizens. Report any potential wrongdoing.

And a bit of news from just a few days ago:

Family Helped Pierce Scam Disguise (07-NOV-2013)

Summary: grandpa was suddenly contacted by an old friend from high school, and the friend suddenly started talking about this company based in US, but has branch in Hong Kong, and need 50000 members in China. Members who join early can get a share of company stock, and will earn MILLIONS after IPO. Grandpa was impressed. After mentioning it to family, daughter did some internet research, and found it was declared illegal. They invited this "old friend" to visit, and she brought two more persuaders and tag teamed grandpa. Daughter showed them the article and threatened to call police if they don't leave. They basically dared her, she did call, then they left, claiming they need to get some lunch. Police came and told grandpa it's illegal pyramid selling. Grandpa was not totally convinced, thinking that it's just a small investment. Daughter had to start a family meeting where they went over every bit of report about how this "comm net" is illegal in various newspapers around China, that grandpa changed his mind... it's a scam.

and finally, blast from the past... in ENGLISH, no less.

Online Multi-level Sales Firm Fined $700000 NTD (~ $23500 USD)  (28-JAN-2010)
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The Cabinet-level Fair Trade Commission (FTC) yesterday resolved to impose a fine of NT$700,000 on Interush, a firm engaged in multi-level sales of online services and ads, for violating the Fair Trade Act by deducting software use setting fee of NT$900 from payment to be returned to those members seeking to end contracts with the firm and by soliciting underage members, according to FTC officials.

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