Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: WCM Ming Xu Threatens Siemens and skeptic on Twitter with Lawsuit

Generally, when someone's statement was refuted by no less than an official press release, most people give a proper explanation. Not Ming Xu of "World Capital Market", otherwise known as "US Vantone Investment Bank" (except it's not a bank). Instead, he threatens to sue people he may have misrepresented as doing business with him, as well as people asking questions.

Yep, this guy, who uses the Chinese name of a SCAM COMPANY VNTI (which he said he helped setup), is threatening to sue Siemens, the global conglomerate and a skeptic who's asking questions did WCM777 really signed an agreement with Siemens for cloud storage solutions.

When one of the sub-schemes in WCM, called WCM777, claimed have cloud storage and such powered by Siemens IT technology, per WCM777's own press release and news dated November 2012, Siemens released a statement stating that it is clearly IMPOSSIBLE as they SOLD their IT division in 2011!

(See Details here)

Then Ming Xu released a piece of a document, claiming it is an agreement between Siemens and WCM, but this paper only contains two names: Siemens (China), and Goldpoint.

Later the full document was slowly leaked to WCM affiliates, which revealed that this is merely a "letter of intent", dated 23-SEP-2013, a full TEN MONTHS after the alleged agreement took place, and it was NOT an agreement, but merely INTENT to do something!  (And it won't be IT, as that's clearly impossible!)

Goldpoint is NOT WCM777, merely one of the DOZENS of companies allegedly owned by WCM. It apparently has no employees other than head of WCM777 "Tiger Zhi Liu" who was also listed as head of the Vantone scam company. Goldpoint's address is also same as the Vantone scam company.

(see Details here)

Previous investigations have dug up involvement, confirmed by Ming Xu's own blog entry, that he was involved in 2007 Olympic Fundraising fraud (he claimed he was duped by someone in China), and the 2012 Vantone pyramid selling scandal in China (he claimed he was barely involved).

Frankly, if he kept running into scammers, he's probably doing something wrong, or he's actually scamming and shifting blame as who's going to China to verify all that?

The latter, that he's not really involved in the Chinese Vantone scam, is difficult to believe as he had kept the Vantone name, but only use it in CHINESE. Thus, the chances of his "minimal involvement" is rather low. A far more likely scenario would be that he did a full collaboration with the scam guy in China, having previously picked a name that sounds like MassMutual's Chinese name. When that wasn't doing so well, he distanced himself from it by picking a new American name (WCM) but kept the Chinese name as it makes it more difficult to associate the two, as well as create a plethora of shell companies to dilute any paper trail.

But having misrepresented the relationship between Siemens and WCM777, then threaten to sue Siemens and a skeptic over "saving face", is very unChristian of Ming Xu, who claims to be an ordained minister.

And that "Dr." is a doctorate of theology from a school he runs. Is that even legal? :) Is it even a real school? 

Or is he going to threaten to sue me for asking questions? Stay tuned!

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  1. This Vantone International Group (VNTI) has been sued for trademark infringement here in the United States (Federal Court Case number 13-cv-7639) by The Vantone Group, LLC the U.S. based Plaintiff. The Vantone Group, LLC owns two trademarks for the "Vantone" name here in the U.S. These registered trademarks grant it exclusive use to the "Vantone" name associated with real estate or financial services. Registrations and certifications of "The Vantone Group, LLC can be seen by going to their website www.vantonegroup.com and clicking on "Registrations", "License" their is also a "blog" tab which outlines the case against VNTI and other unauthorized users of the "Vantone" name in the United States.

    1. Guess it's one more reason they switched to "WCM" as their operating name! But their CHINESE name is still Wang-Tong (i.e. Vantone).