Monday, November 11, 2013

CONTINUED COVERAGE: Interush Hong Kong closed for possible pyramid scheme, more Hong Kong reports

The Chinese characters for "Hong Kong".
The Chinese characters for "Hong Kong". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hong Kong's Apple Daily has multiple tiny articles on their website

Here's one that reported that some mainlanders had been on a train for 24 hours straight trying to get to Hong Kong  (in Chinese)

People in China apparently already dumped plenty of money into the company all in the belief that the company will go IPO like Google and Facebook and thus return their investment 100 fold. They are even claiming that Baidu as example how no Chinese benefited from its IPO.

This is virtually IDENTICAL tactic used by Vantone scam in China to push worthless woo products at vastly inflated prices. And who's involved in Vantone scam? "Tiger" Zhi Liu and Ming Xu of WCM. (See below for related links)

Another bit of news where reporter interviewed a professor of securities who said what the company did is illegal.  (in Chinese)

This professor said that Interush is raising so many red flags (illegal publication of offer, etc. etc.) this thing should be investigated by the authorities IMMEDIATELY

The implication is this should not be touched (with a ten foot pole).

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