Thursday, October 31, 2013

WCM Head Ming Xu posts paper with name Siemens China and some unknown company, claim it is "agreement"

Previously, Siemens corporate and Siemens Taiwan both have denied any involvement with Ming Xu, WCM, WCM7, WCM777, and such companies.

Ming Xu claimed otherwise. He tweeted this minutes ago:

Does he really expect us to accept that a piece of paper with two names on it, NO DATE, NO CONTEXT, and accept his word it's some sort of an "agreement" between WCM and Siemens?

Heck, I read Chinese, and other than the stamp says "Siemens China", I see nothing that authenticates ANYTHING.

Also note the interference pattern. That's not a scan. That's a picture of a computer monitor taken by a smartphone.

There is a Goldpoint Holdings Inc. ... In California, headed by our buddy Zhi Liu (head of WCM777, of course!), registered April 2012.

Manta estimates this to be a 2 person company, with revenue of 100000 annual. It can't be that big in that suite, because it's shared with a "Handy Business Guide" company.

Google Streetmap says this is above a Vietnamese restaurant in a Vietnamese neighborhood.

However, this address reminded me of something... This was where Vantone was registered! And can still be found in Google!

For those that forgot Zhi Liu's involvement in the Vantone scam in China, here's a reminder:

So now, a few years later, the SAME LOCATION is used by Zhi Liu AGAIN.

But let's go back a little... What would Siemens China do business with this Goldpoint Holdings? Remember, a Holdings company hold STOCKS and OTHER COMPANIES. It typically do no business.

Also, why Siemens China? Why not any of its subsidiaries? According to the Siemens homepage:
2012 marks the 140th anniversary of Siemens’ business presence in China. Over the years, Siemens has become an integral part of the Chinese economy and a reliable, committed and trustworthy partner of China. To date, Siemens has established 16 R&D centers, 73 operating companies and 65 regional offices in China. Siemens and Shanghai Electric signed a cooperation for the set up of two new joint ventures to form a strategic alliance for the Chinese wind power market. Construction of the Siemens Electronics Works Chengdu, the Company’s largest modern digital factory in China, was commenced.
Out of 16 R&D centers, 73 operating companies, and 65 regional offices in China, which one supplies IT or computer equipment?

Why isn't WCM or WCM777 doing business with them? Why the parent company, Siemens China?

Why go through Goldpoint Holdings? Zhi Liu is head of WCM777 is he not?

What is Ming Xu NOT SHOWING US? 

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  1. Impressive work on this one kschang!!! Amazing how quick these things unravel with just a little surface scratching.