Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WCM777 affiliate steals Will Smith "inspirational" video, just like Club Asteria Scam Did in 2011

Recently some WCM777 affiliate started passing around this video via Twitter

Which is this video on Youtube, where someone cut various Will Smith quotes from his interview with Steve Croft (on 60 Minutes) and Charlie Rose (PBS), apperance on Ellen Show, and his movie into a 10 minute inspirational video... With Spanish overlay subtitles.

It had NOTHING to do with WCM777 at all, or even MLM. It's all about drive and motivation.

What's worse, this very video had been used in 2011 to push the Club Asteria scam.

PPBlog reported that Will Smith picture and this very video was used by Club Asteria scam in 2011 before it collapsed. From PPBlog coverage:
A button to a video –  apparently one that appeared on YouTube and is being reframed inside the house organ — appears below the image of Smith. When clicked, the video loads footage of an interview with Smith conducted by 60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft (NOTE: This paragraph was edited on Oct. 29, 2011, to reflect that Kroft, not Scott Pelley, conducted the 60 Minutes’ interview.) As the video proceeds, it loads footage of Smith being interviewed by broadcaster Charlie Rose. It then works in footage of a Smith interview on NBC’s Today show and a Smith interview on the “Ellen” show. Footage from other shows also are spliced into the video.
The MLM Skeptic wonders if the Latino distributors are aware of the "heritage" of this video, and its abuse, before they used it, or the irony that it brought.

Turns out they didn't even create this video. They stole it. 

The "original" was uploaded January 2010 by, and itself is a severe copyright violation by doing mashup of multiple copyrighted sources: 60 Minutes (CBS), Charlie Rose (PBS), Ellen show, NBC Today Show, Will Smith's movie and more. See below with the date.

You can view the full "original" video below:


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