Thursday, October 24, 2013

Update on WCM777: the more we dig, the more weird stuff we find

A few fellow Internet sleuths decided to look a bit more into what's left of World Capital Market in the US, and the more we look, the more interesting things we find. Stuff like Siemen denies being involved with WCM, and more domain names, and corporate entities linked with WCM and Ming Xu, and more. These are stuff WCM777 affiliates would rather you do NOT know about.

You may want to read my previous investigation on WCM777, WCM, and Phil Ming Xu, if you want to get the whole picture.

First, someone apparently invoked Siemens' name in WCM777 ad.
Here's another version (from Facebook):

Here's one WCM777 ad that even used their logo:
It's interesting to note that most of these companies has NOTHING to do with investment or finance except four: that Chinese one on top ( Chungching International Trust and Investment LTD ), Goldman Sachs, Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. (aka Merriman Capital) and that logo just to the left of Marriott, which is "China Galaxy Securities".

What is interesting is Siemens there at the middle. Someone decided to do due diligence! Here's the result (feel free to search on Twitter yourself to confirm this conversation)

Clearly, whatever WCM claimed was misconstrued... or WCM outright "fibbed" and mislead.

Someone is Tweeting at Denny's Restaurant asking them to confirm that they are doing business with WCM. Stay tuned!

Next item...  Searching twitter also revealed this little gem of a picture and a website, which says "how to create a unit in WCM777":

Oh, mine, that looks quite familiar!

8-ball pyramid scheme model.
8-ball pyramid scheme model. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally... It seems Phil Ming Xu is taking questions about his "Harvard" education seriously, that he apparently released this photo on Facebook which is being spread by WCM777 followers:

There's no way to authenticate this photo as being genuine thus far. I've asked HBS for verification, stay tuned.  (And this in no way explains that other "Harvard Global Institute" thing)

Finally... Some further info on that Harvard Global Institute... It's a business that has SAME ADDRESS as WCM. This is from California Secretary of State's website "Kepler" Corporate Entity Search.

Entity Number:C3392421
Date Filed:06/24/2011
Entity Address:150 S LOS ROBLES AVE #900
Entity City, State, Zip:PASADENA CA 91101

Which is also address of several other entities, most of which were created by Ming Xu, including PacVia, World Capital Market, ToPacific, TheManna, Manna For All, WCM Fund, Joseph Global Institute, AXM Global, and many many more.

So what's the chance that this one is NOT created by Ming Xu? Hmmm... Hard to say!

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  1. So, I started digging around a little after seeing that same slide with the "strategic financial partners". If you go to World Capital Market's page, under Transactions, the slide show indicates that World Capital Market acted as "financial advisor". However, WCM777 affiliates are promoting the same slides very differently: Note that this Harold Zapata says: "done over [enter ridiculous amount of money here] in loan", making it sound as if World Capital Market was itself involved in the financing. He also mentions that the companies listed were securing a loan to expand to China, but, I know that's not the case with Denny's: Whatever involvement World Capital Market may have had with these companies, if any, they are clearly misrepresenting their role.

    With the (possible) exception of the acquisition of the Summerly Golf Course, I'm not convinced that the majority of World Capital Market's claims aren't wholly fabricated.

  2. It's not the first time the underlings "embellish" their company's credibility.

    Did you find the EB-5 Visas he offered to families in china for 530000 USD? (that's five hundred and thirty thousand dollars)?

  3. Hello Kasey,

    The graphic above with all the corporate logos . . . well, the ASD scammers did the same thing: The purported ASD ties with Google, Kodak, NBC, USA Today, Discovery Channel, Farmers Insurance, Pepsi, Toshiba and plenty more were either wholly fabricated or completely disingenuous.

    WCM777 is playing with fire in any number of ways. Whoever is asserting that the Xinhua News Agency is a WCM "strategic financial partner" is at risk of attracting all sorts of the wrong kind of attention in China.


    1. TVI Express did the same thing by displaying all the travel related logos... And got served a cease and desist from Swissair and Lufthansa, but there's nowhere to deliver to. :-P

      That Xinhua link probably came from his CRI (China Radio International) days. I think he sat in on some meeting, gave a short talk, then claimed everybody in the room was "advised" by him.

  4. Colombian Police by the order of the President is investigating:

  5. Colombian goverment orders to stop all operations of wcm777 in Colombia :