Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Minority Groups Calling for California AG to Investigate Herbalife: HLF CEO really irked

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California Attorney General's Kamala Harris
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Multiple minority groups, including black and latino minority civic groups mounted a demonstration outside an herbalife event in LA, calling for full investigation of Herbalife by California Attorney General Kamala Harris. (see right) on whether Herbalife is a pyramid scheme.  Protestors are waving signs that says "Stop Exploiting Us" and similar wording.

What's interesting is apparently Herbalife CEO Michael O. Johnson, normally a pretty calm individual, lost his cool, and went up to the protest organizer, and outright accused the organizer of believing in lies and should be ashamed of doing so.

Herbalife spokeswoman later confirmed that a dialog did take place, but denies Johnson lost his cool.

Earlier this blog had documented the failure of Johnson to head off Latino reps in US Congress to call for FTC investigation. Johnson's response is to circulate a template for the Latino reps in Herbalife to copy, sign, and mail to their congressional reps... Except the letter is full of various omissions that makes it worthless as a petition unless severely edited. (See below)

One wonders if Johnson knows what kind of trouble Herbalife is in, which is why he lost his cool.
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