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BREAKING NEWS: Ming Xu admits to being involved in multiple frauds in China and Olympic fraud, denies responsibility

Search engine brought up this blog, allegedly by Ming Xu, where he laments at getting involved with bad people in China, denies ANY responsibility of defrauding people in China and in the US. He also called people in China generally more morally corrupt than the people in the US.


It is in Chinese, so here's a short translation:

Regarding alleged scams in China

At the end of 2005, I got US green card, so I returned to China, and we signed up ChungSheng Realty, and helped their travel department's IPO. 
Also, through a friend's introduction, we studied Harbin's FuHua company. 
We signed contract in 2007 to be their financial advisor, to control its IPO. 
We invested in the IPO Shell company. This at the time is a financial innovation. 
At the time, all the Chinese companies need to spend money to buy shell. Our shell costs no cash. 
但是后来其董事长由于债务问题被抓出事, 其上市也不了了之。 
However, the CEO later got arrested for debt problems, so the IPO never happened. 
Our investment and time are also lost. 
Later many people who invested in Harbin FuHua company, and do not know the truth, blame us for unsuccessful IPO. 
但这不是我们能控制的,我们也没有从其集资中获益, 我们只是财务顾问, 我们也是壳的投资者。
This is beyond our control. We did not profit from this. We are financial advisor only. We invested in the shell too. 
从此事件后,我们对有民间集资背景的公司,很慎重介入, 防止被其利用去民间集资。
AFter this, we are very careful in joining any company that raises capital from the masses, to prevent raising money from the public. 
当时利用上市去民间集资,很风行。 但是大多数是没有退出机制的。
At the time IPO to raise money from investor is very popular, but vast majority has no way to back out. 
We wanted to solve this problem, but the problem was sudden, and we had no chance to solve this chance to back out, to our everlasting regret. 
We also signed DiJie from Shenyang, to be IPO consultant, and reorganized the company. 
Later our lawyer, investigated and found problems, so we backed out of the deal, and signed our withdrawal. Later its CEO also got into problems. 
My experience has taught me that we need to choose good working partners. 
若合作伙伴没有选好, 再好的商业设计也是前功尽弃。
We we did not choose the right partners, no matter how good the company is, it will be wasted. 
道不同不可以相为谋。 正如神说, 义与不义, 不能同负一轭。
(some Chinese adage, and a bible adage of similar talk)
第二,在中国,我们若不谨慎小心, 就很容易成为别人做的局里面的棋子, 被人利用。
Second, in China, if we're not careful, we can be a pawn in someone else's game, and be used. 

Regarding the Olympic scam

In 2007 I met a Mr. Wong, who claimed to be chairman of "Beijing All People Welcome Olympic", through an old workmate at CRI Mr. Chien. 
He invited me to join this organization and help Beijing Olympics. 
I jumped at the chance to join the Beijing Olympics as a good ex-pat to contribute to my mother nation. 
我当即捐献了一笔不菲的钱给他去推动全民办奥运的想法和主张, 他立即封我为执行主席
I donated a significant amount to him to let him promote the idea and purpose. He immediately gave me title action group leader. 
I really like the organization's purpose. 
I joined without doing any due diligence, and supported him all the way. 
我想原因有二:一是朋友推荐,放松警惕;二是自己个人膨胀, 想荣耀自己的名。虚荣心使我轻易上钩了。
I think there were two reasons. One is recommended by friend, let my guard down, and two, I was overwhelmed by pride and want to show off my name. 

为了配合北京全民办奥运,我在洛杉矶召开记者招待会, 发动全球华人迎奥运 
To support Beijing Olympics, I held press conference announcing "Global Chinese Welcome Beijing Olympics"
I also registered in California "China Olympic Fund", certified by the Chinese Embassy. 
My two child companies in the US donated several hundred thousand dollars (MSRP) of products to the China Olympic Fund for charity.
Later I found the paper shown to me by Mr. Wong, that stated this Beijing All People Welcome Olympic"certified by Beijing City Bureau, was a fake document. 
Even the seal was a fake. 
我真正领教了中国的另外一面, 有些人为了挣钱,可以不择手段。
I really experienced a different side of China... Some people will try to make money with ANY means necessary. 
I must have gone stupid staying overseas. Our patriotic heart was abused. 

 后来中国21世纪导报在没有调查,了解实情的情况下,给我们做了不实的报道。 对此,我们的中国奥运基金会"在网站上也做了澄清。(www.MyBeijing2008.org)  
Later TwentyFirst Century Newspaper in China, by doing no investigation, made a false report. We have explained our side on our website. 
箴言里说,愚蠢的人见话就信。 我当时就是很愚蠢。大陆人才良莠不齐。不是美国,人普遍层次较高,法律严谨。 大部分人讲的话都是真的,负责的。
As the cliche goes, gullible believe anything. I was gullible. People in China comes in all alignments, not like the US, where generally people have higher morals. Most people say true and responsible things. 


I do point out that in the newspaper, the Chinese Embassy in the US disclaims any such support. I don't know about the "notarize" part. 

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  1. Searching California archives shows that there was such an entity as China Olympic Foundation

    Entity Number: C2917420
    Date Filed: 04/25/2007
    Status: SUSPENDED
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 4349 BALDWIN AVE #A
    Entity City, State, Zip: EL MONTE CA 91731
    Agent for Service of Process: MING XU
    Agent Address: 4349 BALDWIN AVE STE A
    Agent City, State, Zip: EL MONTE CA 91731

    Unfortunately the WaybackMachine did not record any of the supposed "certification" or "registration" document pictures. Thus there's no way to verify the claims there within.

  2. A different listing confirms it was a non-profit


    and Wayback machine confirms that such a disclaimer, that Ming Xu claimed to have withdrawn from that Beijing committee thing after learning it was a fake, was on the website.

    However, how long did Affluen and Careux last after that donation? Not very long, it appears.

  3. The only other news about this China Olympic Foundation was how it gave an award to Timmy Tan, a top Filipino of Chinese origins a title of honorary Filipino Chairman, and will collaborate with Phillippines Airline for promotions.

    1. And he has a self-edited Wikipedia page that mentions Ming Xu!

  4. Forgot to include the URL of the disclaimer:


    However, the dates are... funny.

  5. Kasey - Can you see if this is worth translating. Another Phil Ming Xu site (now dead/expired)


    I'm trying to pull some pieces together and will share more as I can..

    1. Not enough info. Though it seems somebody has a fetish with big school names. Harvard Something, Yale something, Oxford something, Cambridge something (There's an "Oxbridge" businesses near / at Ming Xu's place)

      Kepler confirms this is a Ming Xu creation: California Entity C2915273

      The text translates simply as

      YHMI introduces American Hospital Chain Operation management style

      Further improve YHMI hospital group operation management style

      expand domestic (China) hospital market, through direct operation,

      stock control operation, affiliate operation, and other authorized operation, etc.

      multiple methods operation domestic (China) various types of hospitals

      to raise domestic (China) hospital operation management level

      to obtain further economic return

      create improved social benefit

      impel Chinese hospital reform's deeper developement

      and step by step fulfill the promise of linking Hospital Manage to match international levels

      Nothing too suspicious here, as it's aimed at China. We need to who was this marketed to in China to know if this was a scam. It's really aimed at Chinese markets.

  6. http://www.pacificclubs.com/isn/news.shtml

    appears to be the primary visa scam site but can't tell for sure without a good translation

    1. Uh... empty domain placeholder? Are you searching Wayback machine? Or did you had an extra S in there?