Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Siemens denies ANY involvement with WCM or any related company, Ming Xu lied

Besieged by questions, Siemens denies ANY involvement with WCM, despite Ming Xu's personal video claiming a relationship, and official claims on WCM website.

Here's WCM's news as presented on their website
On November 26 2012, WCM777 has entered into a collaboration agreement with Siemens IT Solutions and Services Group (hereinafter referred to as "Siemens"), Siemens will develop a series of personal cloud service products for members of WCM777, so that the members can learn more details of "cloud computing", understand the connotations, and experience the enormous benefits that cloud services products will bring...

And here's Ming Xu himself making that claim:


Where he stated "cooperation with Siemens is real and solid".

Screen shot of WCM777 website announcing the news:

And here's Siemen's official reply, via multiple channels

On their website:  http://www.siemens.com/press/twitter/wcm.htm  / http://sie.ag/16FZJ6q
Official statement regarding claims made by the World Capital Market company
A company called World Capital Market and its affiliated businesses are offering opportunities to invest in cloud-based storage solutions. The company claims to operate these solutions in cooperation with Siemens.
We hereby state that no form of cooperation exists between Siemens and the World Capital Market company and its affiliated businesses. Nor do we accept any claims made in any presentation or video by WCM and its affiliated websites. The website wcm7.com and affiliated sites do not represent an official offer from Siemens. The World Capital Market (WCM/WCM7/WCM777) company is not entitled to use the Siemens name or trademark.
For your further information, Siemens' IT business (which is mentioned in some statements and presentations) was sold in 2011 (the press release can be found here http://sie.ag/17CSlLr).
In order to help other investors avoid making any investments based on false assumptions, we would urge you to pass on this information.
> Please use the following short URL as a link to this statement: http://sie.ag/16FZJ6q
Siemens AG

Screenshot of the press release

Via PDF / press release
Siemens Ltd. (Taiwan) recently has received inquiries regarding a promotional activity instigated by World Capital Marketing Inc. or WCM777 that claim that World Capital and Siemens IT Solutions and Services Group (SIS) reached a business cooperation agreement on November 26th, 2012. Siemens would like to clarify its stance on this issue:
(1) Siemens IT Solutions and Services Group (SIS) was carved out in 2011;
(2) We are not aware of any cooperation with this “World Capital Marketing Inc. (WCM777)” company.
Siemens Ltd. (Taiwan)

And Via Twitter itself:

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