Sunday, July 5, 2015

USFIA Update: Who is this security guard and was he also identified as gemstone appraiser?

Previously, we've identified the USFIA shindig in Arcadia, where Steve Chen threw a party for "USFIA Club Grand Opening", where he threw a party, then started up a motorcade  to visit his closed Quail Lodge golf course and promised this will be developed into a huge profitable enterprise. This was back on May 29, 2015. John Wuo was present.

Also present was this security guard, in no less than three photos.

Security guard, photo 1 of 3, hiding in background to left

Security guard photo 2, posing with fellow guards and motorcade control, far right

Security guard photo 3 of 3, posing with fans with thumbs up sign
Do we agree that these three shows the photo of the same guy? Taller than most Chinese, stocky.

In fact, in the next photo, he's even identified as Security Guard Zhang by the newspaper. (I mistyped and put in Chang instead of Zhang, same thing, it's different way to write 张 in English)

Okay, do we agree now that this is a security guard? An armed security guard, but a security guard nonetheless, identified by newspaper reporting on the event as a security guard.

Now tell me, this this picture also him?

Do you agree that there's a high likelihood that this is the same security guard, albeit now in a suit? Good. Let me show you the WHOLE photo, with the translated captions.

That's right, this guy was presented at a Toronto USFIA seminar as "Professional Gemstone Appraiser" 专业宝石监证司 John Zhang. Remember the security guard's surname was Zhang?

This is too much of a coincidence.

And yes, I got this off a news website too. January 24th, 2015, at Toronto. There are FOUR more photos of him so he was definitely there, as "pro gemstone appraiser John Zhang".

The most logical explanation is "pro gemstone appraiser" is fake. He's a security guard that also got into a bit of acting at the behest of Steve Chen or Leonard. Johnson. Any other explanation would require "doppleganger" or such exotic circumstances.

Still believe USFIA is real? Think again.

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