Monday, May 5, 2014

TelexFree News Update 5/5/2014: Dominican Fugitive, Class Action Lawsuit

The trial will continue in Las Vegas, but there are other developments.

Dominican Republic Developments

TelexFree top promoter in Dominican Republic Carlos Manuel Vanterpool Severino has apparently gone into hiding, and is considered a fugitive (from the law), according to DR media reports. At least 5 different raids were performed last week by authorities, and various items such as cash, 2 weapons (shotgun and pistol), plus various computers and phones (smartphones and tablets?) were seized. (in Spanish)

Class Action Suit Launched Against TelexFree, top promoters and officers, lawyer, banks... 

Class action lawsuit has been filed against TelexFree entities, officers, top promoters, Gerald Nehra the lawyer, and the banks. The 73 page document alleged that TelexFree officers conspirated with the top promoters along with the lawyer Gerald Nehra to violate security laws, promote fraud, and much much more. And the banks did nothing to stop the fraud.

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