Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NEWS UPDATE: TelexFree Insiders Fled or Tried to Cut Deals, WorldVentures files appeal to pyramid scheme decision

First, TelexFree news update... For those of you anxious to learn the fate of your money...

TelexFree co-owner Carlos Wanzeler may have left US for Brazil

We have received news that Carlos Wanzeler was a no show at court where they are supposed to show cause that the restraining order should NOT be turned into a full injunction. When questioned, Wanzeler's lawyer admitted that it would not surprise him if Wanzeler had went back to Brazil.

As no criminal charges have been filed, he is free to leave the country if he chooses.

Lawyer for Joe Craft (CFO) quibbled over language that he claimed made him admit to wrongdoing if he signed the TRO. Judge, with SEC concurring, changed some language.

Lawyer for Steve Labriola (CMO) then requested the same changes to be done to his client's TRO.

There are many other quibbles, such as Merrill and Wanzeler's lawyers asking judge to release the cleaning business (also frozen) as well as minor amounts to deal with living expenses.

See Boston Globe

See BehindMLM

TelexFree Dominican top man has left Dominican Republic for US

According to DR news ListinDiario, the top TelexFree promoter Carlos Vanderpool had fled the country weeks ago and is currently hiding in the US. There is a warrant in DR for his arrest. When reached by phone, he claimed he is willing to return to DR to face justice, but he is afraid for his life, and it was never his intent to harm any one.

MLMSkeptic notes that there were many reports by media of many alleged suicides and/or attempts due to the collapse of TelexFree in DR. One man, who were being search for by authorities, and disappeared weeks ago after leaving a suicide note, was apparently found alive, hiding at a relative's house, still despondent. He claimed he cannot take his life because it will leave his children with less than nothing.

See Listin Diario (in Spanish)
See PatrickPretty report

WorldVentures, declared pyramid scheme by Norwegian authorities, filed appeal

World Ventures, a "travel MLM" that was declared a pyramid scheme by Norwegian authorities in a final order published yesterday, has filed an appeal and motion to stay the judgement.

See Norwegian authorities declaration (in Norwegian)

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