Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OTHER NEWS: Hong Kong Police Investigating BLGM, Zeek Rewards May Issue Refund in few months

Emblem of the Hong Kong Police Force
Emblem of the Hong Kong Police Force (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
TelexFree grabbed all the headlines, but there are still other news in the Scam world:

Better Living Global Marketing (BLGM) Under Investigation in Hong Kong

According to eKantipur, a news website that specialize in Nepalese issues, Hong Kong police has launched an investigation with BLGM, along with KaChing and RSE Bid. RSE Bid has already closed and owner is in police custody, according to the news. Up to 2 BILLION Hong Kong dollars may have been lost to these 3 schemes from HK Nepalese, according to the article.

Please read the original article at  http://www.ekantipur.com/the-kathmandu-post/2014/05/04/money/hk-based-nepalis-at-risk-of-losing-rs-2b/262437.html

Thanks to BehindMLM for spotting the news first.

Zeek Receiver Promise Partial Refund Soon, will Sue Out-of-US Net Winners 

According to an announcement from the Zeek receiver website, the receiver has almost concluded sending out the notices of claims. All of the US "net winners" have been served with notice to pay up, and next comes the foreign "net winners"... who will be sued to the extent the receiver deems economical.

As the lawsuit will likely drag on for months or years, receiver expects to issue a partial payment on the funds collected thus far in a few months if not sooner. (Before end of summer).

Please see Receiver's website, zeekrewardsreceivership.com, for more details.

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  1. It's simply because venture capitals look to the futures​ & prospects of a business. The way we do advertising will even out-beat Google, and FaceBook, and YouTube, which is already a general recognition, right? No just that our people watch commercials attentively. The module is not even imitatable(?) because they can't afford to pay viewers anything valuable for answering questions. Last but not least, we have the gigantic China market behind us. We are the only 100% international advertising site while Google, Facbook, nor YouTube cannot be visited in China. Chinese giants like Baidu, QQ, or Taobao, etc. don't have non-Chinese viewers.

    And, Google's 2013 annual revenue was USD60 billion where 95% came from advertisings. Relative to this figure, what is USD50 million?

    2014-07-22 6:38 GMT+08:00 :

    Mr Teng, Luke, If I came to you as an investor or partner with fifty million dollars why would I want to invest the funds with your company knowing you have a member withdrawal liability of twenty million us dollars. Considering it from your angle either cancel the withdrawal or cancel the current members and get new ones where you can start over. BLGM the longer it stays open the more the withdrawal amount increases causing a financial drag on the system. On the other hand the more that member utilize their hong kong dollars in purchasing more units the more diluted profits gets. Do you see the catch 22 here? Is there a logical answer to this dilemma. Gary Silby, expressway1

    1. Interesting you talk about blah blah advertising when I'm getting news that BLGM haven't paid people since June.

    2. I am one who has not been paid since December and have not recoupped my initial investment.

    3. Who has been paid?
      Into their bank accounts by blgm,

      Anybody, want to understand the procedure

    4. Me I got payed Only once and nothing more

  2. I too fell for this scam. I haven't got paid since November 2013 nor the people that I know who invested this crap. BLGM is nothing but LIES and a SCAM.

  3. I was robed by this stupid better living piece of shit. They stole 7000.00 DLLS. If you got scammed by who ever you gave the money to. Call Univision Chanel 21 or find your local Univision and report the person you gave the money to.

  4. What is Univision going to do for you?. If you are not happy and whant to do something, hire a usa lawyer that is specialized in MLM international cases. that way you can get real answers. BLA Bla Bla does not work.

    1. There is such a lawyer? I can only find about 5 MLM lawyers in the US, TOTAL.

  5. I live in England and invested in BLGM, how could I sue BLGM and how could I recover my capital investment?
    There is more than HK$100K in my BLGM account but no sign of money transferring to my UK bank account.
    Can I sue from UK?

  6. I don't know, you should contact a HK lawyer or file a complaint with HK police. I did tell you Luke Teng was recently arrested, right?


  7. A mi me deben mucho dinero lo mande pedir hace 2 aƱos y nunca me llego nada yo quisiera que alguien me pudiera ayudar