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Just what *are* Your odds in Vemma? Is there an "insider's club" in Vemma?

Previously, MLM Skeptic have, through SaltyDroid's little expose on the Tartol Clan of Herbalifers, illustrated how what you thought are good odds are actually not so good for you average Joes in Herbalife, though absolutely great for the "insiders". John Tartol is on Herbalife board of directors, and 12 of his clan are among the top earners in Herbalife. Still think you have the same odds as them?

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Today, we shall explore Vemma... and whether someone closely related to the top of the company, unlike you, has an edge that you don't.

Any one heard of Bob Proctor? That's him in the middle there, in that beige suit. He was part of "The Secret", or "law of attraction", which, IMHO, is just positive thinking wrapped with mysticism and bogus psycho-babble. But that's not what's important here.

Turns out his wife, Linda Proctor, has rank of 'ambassador' in Vemma, with estimated intake of $14500 a month, according to a "top earners" website.  She was even profiled by Vemma themselves in a short video (where she goes to shop in some fancy store and have lunch in fancy restaurant) earlier in 2013.

According to Vemma dashboard, Mrs. Proctor appeared at "Star Presidential" rank on June 2011.

Which is actually... "level 10" on Vemma chart. Ambassador is only one level above that. And according to separate Vemma news, she achieved that on November 2011, the first Canadian to do so.

What's her secret? She claims it's great salesmanship and great inspiration from her husband, Bob Proctor.

What if it's not that? What if she has an "inside track" and has been "predestined" to success?

What if I told you that her husband, Bob Proctor, is a personal friend of Vemma head BK Boreyko, and Bob Proctor had appeared at many times at Vemma conventions as keynote speaker? Would that affect your view of her "success"?

What if I tell you that at least one OTHER person in the Proctor household is also a Vemma ambassador?

Linda Proctor wasn't new to network marketing. On her own website, she opened stated that it was Bob Proctor who taught her to change her approach to sales, and she claimed she did 20 times better within a year or two. She's so grateful, she married him (okay, slight exaggeration here, I'm sure he's a fascinating man and all) Then when she lamented about looking for something different, Bob recommended network marketing and that's like 15 years ago... Which would make it... around 2000?

She never named the company though, but it's not Vemma. Vemma was founded in 2004, less than 10 years old.  So... is it because it's NOT relevant? She didn't find success in it... Or did that company ran into trouble and she doesn't want to look as if she was stupid in joining it? Any other reasons? We don't know.

Let's keep looking through. What other links is there from Proctor to Vemma? Following was provided by Vemma reps themselves:

1. Personal friend
He (Bob Proctor) is personal friend of Vemma CEO BK Boreyko and his late parents. They have known each other for years. Bob Proctor is also friends of a few Vemma top earners.
2. Trainer
He is the trainer in many of Vemma’s training events and conventions. In fact, he was at the recent Vemma US and Vemma Asia Believe Convention as guest speaker and trainer. He also produced a leadership training series called Opportunity Vemma based on the famous Lead The Field program for all Vemma brand partners. This is a 12 months training program with message from Bob Proctor on daily basis. He has also produced an opportunity video and a leaflet for Vemma. 
Remember, I didn't write this. Vemma reps did. I simply don't automatically assume it's proof of legitimacy.

So let's sit back and think about it for a minute...

There is absolutely no reason for Bob Proctor to stay silent about Vemma... esp. if he's closely related to the founder, and his wife is a high level salesperson making a nice chunk of change selling the idea of Vemma to people who are supposed to sell MORE ideas of Vemma.

So what does that really say about Linda's success? Is it due to her? Or due to Bob's help?

And here's something you may or may not know... Another member of the Proctor clan is a Vemma ambassador (level 11). Her name is Colleen Filicetti. Here's her profile on a Vemma recruiting site, next to her stepmom's picture:

If that text is too small, here's what it says: "Colleen Filicetti: Colleen is Bob Proctor’s daughter (Linda’s step daughter). Prior to joining Vemma in 2009, Colleen was a stay at home mother raising her four children."

Two ambassadors (level 11) in Vemma... from the same family, that has tight ties to the head of Vemma.

Keep in mind that Vemma was founded in 2004, so it's 9 years old.

Colleen came in at 2009, only 4 years ago, and she's already ambassador? When did her stepmom join?

Or perhaps a better question... Do you still think Vemma is really "equal opportunity"? Or perhaps, have I gotten you to consider the POSSIBILITY that the game may be rigged AGAINST you?

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  1. The Mortons and Alkazins are insiders too, friends of the Boryekos.

  2. They're placed up in the tree, they don't earn their initial spot. Tom Alkazin the top earner is BK's godfather.

  3. Explain the countless others from around the country/world that are ambassador or higher and achieved that rank at different times and intervals who have 0 ties. Better yet don't explain and save yourself a lost argument.

    1. I don't to need explain to you since you moved the goalpost. I never said "those who are not 'made' never make it to the top". Simply that those who did probably have better connections.

      Besides, have you seen the link between the Mortons and the Alkazins, with BK Boreyko?

    2. Um, I worked there...there aren't "countless others" that are ambassadors. You are brainwashed. Please, tell us who you are so we may confirm your rank as ambassador and also, include all the names of the "countless others" for further confirmation.

    3. I think the guy's confused with the old term "brand ambassador". EVERYBODY was a "brand partner" or "brand ambassador" back then. Even BK got tired of people putting that on their bogus business cards that he renamed everybody "affiliate" (or customer, if you didn't cycle)

  4. You can make money through Multi Level Marketing, but it is very difficult to impossible to do so. MLMs you make money off the people that join and not the product. You could have 100 people listen to a presentation and in theory 10 of those people will join. Out of those 10 people they will also have 10 people join. The more people you have under you the more money you will make. Most of these programs have motivational speakers that are either paid or part of the organization. On average most people don’t make significant amounts of money, but the potential is there. These groups have a starter fee, material fees and other hidden fees that could rack up to the thousands. They will also encourage you to do this part time because you need money and connections to start these programs.

    1. Thank you for observing that "MLMs you make money off the people that join and not the product". Though I have to point out what you got there is more like a pyramid scheme than MLM. A "true" MLM should have its members making money off SELLING stuff (and downline selling stuff).

    2. That is MLMs defence is that they are selling a product, but it turns into a pyramid scheme because the main goal is to get people under you. I had a friends in Amway and the few products that I was introduced to didn't seem to have real profit margin. They weren't bad but hard to justify buying Amway dish soap for $10 when you could by Dawn $2.00 even though Amway dish soap was more concentrated. I don't necessarily feel that MLM's are bad but very difficult to make money if the product doesn't sell on its own. Avon is one those companies that might do well as MLM because there is a social aspect to makeup and it is a proven product. Just like anything you have to believe in what you're selling in order to make it.

    3. Actually Avon had been doing worse and worse after it adopted MLM.

  5. I don't know Avon's history but I saw they were top MLM's. I can't imagine any company doing well with that model.

    My biggest thing is I was really down the last couple months and started listening to Bob Proctor. I liked his free positive thinking video and believed they helped. Then as I was doing research I realize he was involved with MLMs and it disappointed me. I also realize that he charges a lot for his seminars. I can see the seminars because he is almost celebrity but MLMs really disturbs me because I feel they are cult like. I still believe goals have to be based on your dreams, but you may need a few more steps than positive attraction.

    1. Good for you in checking the bonafides of the advice you are getting.

      Just because they are "life coach" doesn't mean they are good for you. Here's one of Bob Proctor's "disciples", who was listed as "Vice Admiral" (gee, pretty high rank!) in TVI Express pyramid scheme. She was observed recruiting and speaking for TVI Express, a pyramid scheme.

      A few years later, TVI Express is no more as the head, Tarun Trikha, was arrested by India authorities

  6. I think even if a life coach or preacher has good intentions doesn't mean that they are right. A person always have to use critical thinking and evaluate information that they provide especially when involves money.