Monday, April 15, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Another report of Tarun Trikha's Arrest in India, also from Bhaskar

Frankly, the Bhaskar is not a reliable source of information, so this will remain "suspicious" (thus far not contradicted), but here's the article

Original: (Google Translated)


28 thousand crore scam mastermind behind MLM, TVI Express CEO of arrest

Tarun Trikha arrested person's name is mentioned. Saturday brought him and Bhavani Bhavan Kolkata on transit remand were questioned at the CID headquarters.

On Sunday it was the West Medinipur district court. Vineet Goyal CID Special IG reported the matter. Tarun district police were looking for him since.

In February this year the case was assigned to CID. CID team laid a trap for catching juvenile and arrested last April 3 at Delhi airport.

Tarun has spread its tentacles in 160 countries. According to Tarun 28 thousand crore in India so far is a forgery.

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