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BREAKING NEWS: TVI Express Mastermind's Arrest Reported in India MLM News

Tarun Trikha's arrest was not widely covered, and it's quite strange. He is the head of billion dollar worldwide pyramid scheme "TVI Express", with members already convicted in multiple countries, and scheme outlawed in even more countries on multiple continents. However, the mastermind remains at large... until now.

Reports first appeared on Facebook about a week ago.

There was a short segment on Bengali local news, that got uploaded to Youtube, then that video got taken down for copyright complaints (Huh?)

Then the photos of "Tarun Justice" appeared, then disappeared on IMGUR image hosting. Though the same album quickly appeared on IMGUR under a different album.

There was a website on this, then that website disappeared and became some micro-work website.

There was a different video of the guy getting taken to local magistrate's office. That's still there.

But where's the news coverage? Turns out, the first to cover this was India's own MLM news, The Bhaskar:

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TVI Express Scam Tarun Trikha 14-day remand of the Master Mind

West Bengal / Medinipur: CID arrested by the Indira Gandhi International Airport, accused of fraud worth millions of young Tirkha West Midnapore district Midnapore CID on Sunday by the special court. Accused the court of inquiry sent to 14 days CID custody.

Public Advocate Syed Habib said Navi chitfund company accused of fraud of around Rs 500 crore in the name Tarun Tirkha arrested from Delhi to Kolkata CID brought last April 5.Saturday at CID headquarters in Kolkata Medinipur was brought to him.

On Sunday, the Special Court Magistrate's Court Sun was shining. The last time Arup Kumar Verma defense counsel of the accused during the bail hearing was not. Which filed the indictment against the accused IIT - Kharagpur personnel Visions Tarun Das said Tirkha Tiwhiai Express Ltd., a multinational networking company operates Chan was conning people. He introduced himself as the company's CEO said.

Visions of earning quick bucks in his misguided by the company had invested Rs 39,000. The two other investors to make similar investments in a foreign country to be given the chance to spend the company was said. He then made two more people to invest in the company. The 27,000 people in West Bengal through networking with them by fraud. Investors were told to deposit Rs 13,000 will be paid twice a year, while 15,000 31,000 investment will be paid back over a year later.

The maturity amount of about 500 million is made up of investors. Investors contact the company at the time had been deferred to return the money. Finally, Kharagpur against Tarun rural police complaint was lodged on behalf of investors. In this case, the court had issued warrants against Tarun. Sensing the airport on April 5 came to Nepal Tarun, then caught him by the CID.

And here's a screenshot of the news lest some morons insist this was my invention...

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