Saturday, March 23, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Thompson warns people against potential scams... such as GoFun Places

Kevin Thompson, aka "The MLM Attorney", of Thompson Burton, is an outspoken critic and proponent of MLM. He is plain-spoken (for an attorney, ha-ha) and does not sugarcoat problems with MLM business model, including the gray areas within the system, as well as problems surrounding the system.

He was one of the first who spoke out against the Zeek Rewards ponzi, and even then he lamented about how the industry kept silent, and even gave it tacit approval (two other MLM lawfirms were involved in "compliance" of Zeek, implying endorsement / legality)

Now he's giving a very public warning about what he called "leverage profit sharing programs", i.e. pay-to-play "profit-sharing" businesses... i.e. very much like Zeek. And he named three: Banner Brokers, Profitable Sunrise, and GoFun Places.

Banner Brokers was already busted in Goa India.

Profitable Sunrise was busted in 27 out of 50 US states and multiple countries (UK, Australia, etc.)

Read his article for yourself, and heed his warning.

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