Sunday, April 7, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: TVI Express Pyramid Scheme Leader Tarun Trikha arrested by Indian CID

The news first broke on Facebook, then pictures emerged, then a screen cap of news report (in Hindi) seem to confirm that Tarun Trikha, head of TVI Express scam, which may have involved up to 7 million victims worldwide, had been arrested in India.

For a more detailed report, see my other blog:

TVI Express is a blatant pyramid scheme that somehow survived by moving from one jurisdiction to another.

When UK started investigating they moved to Cyprus.

When India started investigating they moved to Indonesia.

When Indonesia revoked their license they faked an airline, which bought two cheap puddle jumpers, claimed to be buying more, then was grounded due to maintainence issues. Its CEO quit, then 2 months later the whole thing collapsed when Indonesian government revoked their flight license.

Apparently life in Indonesia was not that pleasant, and Mr. Tarun Trikha went back home.

Now all who associated with Tarun Trikha will likely suffer the consequences.


  1. They still seem to be active. Today - Febr 02, 2014.

    Donald Whitherspoon

    1. Which country? Maybe someone didn't get the word. ;)