Monday, August 27, 2012

Can you have a scam feed off another scam? Absolutely.

By now we've pretty much covered the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme to death, except the few folks that want to revive this monstrocity.

But let's back track for a moment... There were a lot of "feeders" that benefited off Zeek.

You need customers to give bids to? Instead of recruiting your own, you can "buy leads" from outside companies. It used to be internal (5cc and "customer co-op") but it was outsourced (supposedly for "compliance") to owned by Mr. Bessoni, who claims to be the same source that supplied the 5cc in the first place.

(Whether the customers are legit is a different story)

Well, turns out there was supposed to be some competitor to Mr. Bessoni in the coming months, except SEC got involved and closed off this little money tree someone's been shaking nonstop.

What was I talking about? This little gem I found in Google Cache (thanks to lead provided by GlimDropper):

(Click to enlarge, or view actual Google Cache)

That's right, was supposed to be undercutting ZCustomers by 75%.

So who's the owner of

Registrant:   1893 Spruce Creek Blvd   Port Orange, FL  32128   US
   Registrar:   Domain Name: ZTEAMBIZ.COM      Created on: 25-JUN-12      Expires on: 25-JUN-13      Last Updated on: 25-JUN-12
   Administrative, Technical Contact:      Craddock, Robert      1893 Spruce Creek Blvd      Port Orange, FL  32128      US      386-405-0855

   Domain servers in listed order:      NS1.WORLDPLANETHOSTING.COM       NS2.WORLDPLANETHOSTING.COM 
End of Whois Information
Information Updated: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 06:04:36 UTC

It's my nemesis Robert Craddock, the RVG "consultant"!

A "consultant" for Zeek starting a side business providing "customers" to Zeek affiliates? If this doesn't scream "conflict of interest" something has clogged up your "crap detector"

But what is doing now? Soliciting DONATIONS to restart Zeek. I kid you not.

I guess Mr. Craddock really liked his job: helping a Ponzi scheme succeed, and make money off the Ponzi victims... both during the Ponzi's operation... and AFTER it had been closed.

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