Saturday, May 14, 2016

Scam Spotting: too-good job offer, fake website, and Bitcoins

A redditor recently posted on /r/scams about a too-good-to-be-true job offer:
Hi all, I was hoping you could help me figure if this job offer is a scam. So I received an email saying that I had applied for customer service representative at another company, that was an agency they work with (note I did apply to this), and that they believe me to be better suited for a better job. The HR rep who contacted me said she's confident I stand a chance, and so she wants to forward my application to the hiring manager. The company is currently based on switzerland, and they are opening an office in my area (Toronto Canada) on May 30th. All she requested was that I fill out the employment application. There was nothing weird about the application, it asked for my usual contact info and two work references. No sin number or anything private, or that they couldn't get off my resume. The reason I'm weirded out is because the pay is substantial (for reference it's +20/hr and i'm still in school) and they mentioned the company works with bitcoin. The company name is Trimension Capital Holding. Does anybody have any experience that they'd be willing to share on if this is a scam or not?
This already has a couple red flags

  • Based in Switzerland, but opening an office in Toronto
  • Over $20 per hour for someone not yet out of school
  • Encouraged to apply even if not certain qualified (to do what, exactly?)
  • It involves "Bitcoins"
But let's track this down all the way. If you search for "Trimension Capital" on Google, you will get back a Trimension Capital GmbH at Baarerstrasse 135, 6301 Zug, Switzerland. So far, it matches. 

My first link took me to profile fo the company, and we larned that company was founded in 2012 as "Pinewood Capital GmbH", changed name to "Trimension Capital GmbH" in 2013, and changed to "Trimension Capital Holding GmbH" in 2014. It's headed by Thomas Bieri. Under "contact" it shows website as says the website should be

Next couple links goes to   NO DASH!!!!!!!

Something is very fishy here. Let's check DNS at WHO.IS

The one with the dash says...
Registry Domain ID: 1784370897_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2013-10-16T09:54:53Z
Creation Date: 2013-03-05T13:17:31Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2017-03-05T13:17:31Z
Registrar: 1API GmbH
Registrar IANA ID: 1387
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +49.68416984x200
Reseller: Timewarp IT Consulting GmbH
Domain Status: ok -
Registry Registrant ID: 
Registrant Name: Thomas Bieri
Registrant Organization: Trimension Capital GmbH
Registrant Street: Baarerstrasse 135
Registrant City: Zug
Registrant State/Province: Switzerland
Registrant Postal Code: 6301
Registrant Country: CH
Registrant Phone: +41.417660800
Registrant Phone Ext: 
Registrant Fax: 
Registrant Fax Ext: 
Registrant Email:
Everything matches, headed by Thomas Bieri, right address, right country.

Okay, how about the one without the dash?
Registry Domain ID: 2022941624_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2016-04-20T15:33:24Z
Creation Date: 2016-04-20T15:33:22Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2017-04-20T15:33:22Z
Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a
Registrar IANA ID: 303
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID: 
Registrant Name: Domain Admin
Registrant Organization: Privacy Protection Service INC d/b/a
Registrant Street: C/O ID#10760, PO Box 16 Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator Note - Visit to contact the domain owner/operator  
WTF?! This domain was registered LESS THAN A MONTH AGO! (APR-20-2016) and it's got hidden registration. Why?

Let's check the websites.  got me a DNS not resolved.  got me a "default webpage", no content setup yet. did get me a webpage... a pretty slick one, in fact.  But why would a company based in Switzerland use NEW YORK skyline as a backdrop? The MetLife and Empire State Buildings, plus other New York landmarks are easily recognizable.

A company based in Switzerland, using NEW YORK skyline as backdrop? 
Quick googling of the initial verbiage shows that it was cribbed from a different financial service website.

This is the clone... Note the ungrammatical Holding' (no S)

This is the original, which has no errors. The one with the error is obviously the copy
Ah, but you say, why can't the Trimension be the original? Because Trimension made a mistake when doing that "signature" verbiage. It's nonsensical.

Furthermore, Trimension went on to clone someone else's website for a different section, and that left us with a non-sensical sentence. They are proud of keeping a client for only three years?

Proud of keeping a client for merely 3 years? 

Yet the non-sensical sentence makes a lot more sense, when you realized it was copied from yet ANOTHER website... and the original sentence said 20 years.

Now 20 years makes much more sense.  
But the real smoking gun is when they got too clever...  This was supposed to be Trimension's top echelon...

Trimension's supposed top echelon
So why is the first photo a mirror flipped version of William E. Ford?

Wikipedia on William E. Ford
In fact, the entire "staff" here seem to be cloned from General Atlantic, and flipped.

"Dirk Kaufer" is actually Thomas Murphy

"Ralph Adenauer" is actually Martin Escobari

"Curt Arnold" is actually Joern Nikolay

And so on and so forth. Everybody at General Atlantic got cloned, image flipped, and renamed with new positions. Why image flip? Google Image search doesn't work on mirrored images. It will report the two pictures do not match if one is mirror of the other. I've seen this tactic before.

So the job offer cannot be real, as the company may be real, but the offer is obviously fake, issued by the clone.


  1. Wow nice work I received an offer and I tried finding stuff from this company but I thought the website seemed legit. Lesson learned!

    1. They are at it again. This time they called themselves "DSZ Investment." Same website, same people, different names. Beware of them. I have a strong feeling they will do it again by revamping their website. There must be a way to shut these fraudsters down. We need stronger laws and ways to enforce them. One recommendation - revoke their business license and freeze the company.

  2. Hi.i also got the same email same everything, opening office on 30 may and offering salary of $ 23 plus bonus..bonus for what? i tried my best to understand but couldn't. I search for this company and found nowhere.they have made this website in 2016.If you click on leaders doesn't open anything.I filled form and send them in excitement and then realize it looks sooo fake.Why would someone pay me this amount of pay without any interview and for what my skills dont even match.M confused too.

    1. Hey I too got this email. i was thinking to myself if this was a scam. I sent my employment application and today i recieved a probation agreement. Pay looks too good to be true. They wanted me to scan them my ID (passport or driver's license) and fax or email to them. It made no sense, they haven't even called me for an interview yet why are they asking for my ID. The guy who emailed me said he is in New York working on the new company. The website itself was very fishy to me. IF they originally started in switzerland why would they have new york picture on their website. There are pictures of the directors of the business, especially the HR lady who emailed me first and the other guy who emailed me the probation agreement. He mentioned that its a 5 day working procedure for the first part of the probation phase and that being outside of work, everything to be done online. On the probation agreement they asked me for my bANK information stating that they will send me money from the company but that will be used for some tasks that i have to accomplish for the probation phase. It makes no sense. The guy signed the agreement himself but the handwriting looks like a grade sixer. very fishy about this offer. it also said its very competitive right now, so the sooner i accept the offer is better. very confused

    2. I received a completely identical job "offer" in my email today stating the exact same thing in the exact same way.

    3. This scam is still active. I too, received an email that I was selected to be an "Operations Support Assistant"...based on some job applied for. I thought, ok,I didn't question it because I've been mass applying to jobs. I received an employment application, which was pretty standard ( name, address, availability and references). What made me question the validity of this company is the "probationary agreement". Anyone asking for bank details, passport and a MAJOR red flag! Plus these scanners only provide a fax # as a contact and only correspond via email. Very fishy that there's no direct contact #. Everything that has been mentioned in this thread is totally true!

    4. I received the same email too, they said they are going to open a new office in Vancouver but there is no information about this new company yet..

    5. I also received an identical job offer. Everything was fishy about it. Wants me to work from home for 5 days (1st training session in lieu of interview) processing orders online, bitcoin investments processing, and the bonus earned will be transferred to my bank account using e-trasfer or wire transfer after processing each other. At the end of 5 days, i will receive one week's pay, $21 an hour for 40 hours. SCAM!!!

  3. Hi I too got the offer as for the position and office being opened in Vancouver. What was fishy to me was the address that was stated where the office was opening was actually the building neighboring my place of previous employment. This is the heart of downtown Vancouver business and is a place of business for the Bank of Montreal ( I do not think that they would be moving out anytime soon. This position appeared to be a scam.

    1. omg I have the same offer as well .... I was so excited but now I am scared. because I was supposed to start the first phase tomorrow at 9am and I ask the HR person who contacted me for more info and she said I will contact you tomorrow morning with more instructions

    2. You're gonna be involved in Bitcoin laundering. That's the only reason they need some nobodys to move bitcoins around. The "salary" is likely to be bogus.

    3. Hi...same exact email I've received as everyone else, but mine was from an Alice Evans. I heardon't from her upon request receiving all the forms she wanted filled out, scanned and emailed back. Now she's requesting an E-form from a bank for me to open a business account. I haven't done that. Very weird as I never spoke to anyone of this company. Now, I'm scared. Wow.

    4. I got that one too, she even called me and she had an Indian accent
      same Alice Evans wow!

  4. Is there something to be watched out if you already send out the application form they sent?

    1. You're going to be put on a "sucker list" where you'll be randomly mailed packages (probably bought with stolen credit cards) and or checks (that you're supposed to deposit and mail/WesterUnion cash elsewhere). Better put your credit file on lockdown. They may have enough to open credit cards in your name.

  5. Same thing happened to me. I got an email from someone named Anne Keller and she offered me the same position. She said that they will be opening a new office in Toronto at 900-1 Yonge Street, Toronto (There was no province or postal code involved). When I googled the address, the spot was occupied by an office that will not be moving anytime soon. Its just so sad that they are always trying to take advantage of people who are trying to make something out of their lives.

    1. Hello...same exact email I received. Only mine came from an Alice Evans. Wants me to get a hank accout for business. I have never spoken to anyone since I've received emails from her since this June. Wow

    2. Same email. ..only from a lady named Alice Evans who I hear from now and then. Wants me to open a business account at a Bank. .Nope...I think this has gone on long enough....since this June! Never spoke to anyone. Weird.

  6. Hi! I got the same offer. I filled out the form and sent them. No interview required. I received another email stating the nature of job. Now they need me to complete 5 day probation period, and they want me to use my personal bank account number during this period. That's a warning signal!I am going to stop here.

  7. I got this as well for the Vancouver opening. What tipped me off was that they wanted to do "test transfers" during my probationary period to my personal bank account. As much as I like being an accessory to money laundering for this company, I'm seeking employment elsewhere. Furthermore, the 'work from home in lieu of an interview' approach made me laugh. No meeting of anyone, but they're sending me money to 'report' on. lol.

  8. Hi guys, I received the same email, that they are opening an Office on 30 May in Montreal. It is clear that this s*** is fake, you know the last thing they asked me is to provide my bank information for the probationary pariod payment, wooow I haven't even being interviewed and they are ready to pay me !! naaan toooo good to be real. one last thing guys, pay attention to your email accounts. Use the "Last account activity" at the bottom of you email account(if it is Gamil) to see if someone has accessed you account or not

  9. Same offer here in Edmonton, thought it looked too good to be true and fishy! Thanks!
    How do they scam you doing this though? Later on once you give them more info or how????

  10. So I also got this job offer in Edmonton, and I've received a reply to my application and more information. They want to do 2 probationary periods, the first is 5 days from 10-5, and all through phone or email. They need this portion done before May 30. The compensation for this period is for every transaction completed, you get 3% as bonus. (so for doing a $1000 bitcoin transaction, you get $30). They need your banking info to deposit this bonus to you. Any mismanagement or fraud will be accountable to you and punishable by law. If you move onto stage 2, the 60 day probation, you move to $23/hr. It seems very rushed, and the banking bit seems like an easy way to get someone 'in training' in trouble over mismanagement. Also most of the emails and company literature seems very suspect, with broken English. Fo example: " the Central European." Of course, Enlgish grammar is terrible, but a financial company hoping to expand to North America... you would think they'd have access to a better translator. It definitely seems too good to be true... If it is truly a scam there seems to be quite a bit of effort put into it.

  11. I too got this email from Anne Keller, they will open there new office in Montreal on may 30th. After sending info, I received this from Stefan Huber,
    My name is Stefan Huber and I am Development Manager of Trimension Capital Holding GmbH.
    I am responsible for recruitment for our new offices in Canada and the US.

    Having looked over your resume and application form I am pleased to offer
    you a probationary period in our company with an opportunity to become "Operations Support Specialist".

    Probationary period consists of two phases. The first phase of the probationary period is
    confined to 5 days of duration and is located outside of office. It is conducted in lieu of initial interview.
    The second phase of the probationary period is inside of office and lasts for 60 days.
    During the first stage of the probationary period you will be required to fulfill several
    tasks, which reflect the main duties of Operations Support Specialist, namely the
    bitcoin investments processing. On completion your performance will be assessed and
    you will be invited to an interview in our new office. After
    the interview is finalized, second phase of the probationary period (60 days) begins.
    Your performance during both phases of the probationary period will be compensated.

    The first stage of the probationary period is an ideal way for us to check how responsible you
    are and if you have the skills we desire. Simultaneously, this allows you an opportunity to get
    acquainted with some of the duties of Operations Support Specialist.

    The position is competitive, so the sooner you begin the first stage
    of the probationary period, the more chances you have to be selected for the position.
    I would recommend you to begin the probationary period this week.

    You will find full information regarding the first phase of the probationary period
    in the Probationary Employment Agreement attached.

    If you decide to accept this offer, please complete the following:

    1. Print, date and sign Probationary Employment Agreement document.
    Afterwards, please, scan and send it to me by email or by fax.

    2. Scan and email or fax a copy of your document so we can process and verify your identity.
    It can be one of the following documents: driving license, passport, health card or SIN card.
    You can hide the document numbers.

    Should you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail or over the
    phone number specified below. I am currently in New York working on
    the development of the company's new office, so you can reach me by my New York phone number.
    I will be flying to Canada next week and I look forward to meeting you after the first
    stage of the probationary period.

    Best regards.
    Stefan Huber
    Development Manager

    Tel: +1 (718) 838-9650
    Fax: +1 (888) 516-8306
    Trimension Capital Holding GmbH

    1. 718 area code is New York, except there is no such office listed ANYWHERE. In fact, this number apparently was linked to 11 complaints about previous spam attempts, according to one website. It's probably a burner phone and kept getting recycled.

    2. It may be able to trace their real whereabouts if I can see the email header.

    3. I had traced the header. It originated from a public server. Go figures...

  12. Hi all, thanks so much for your sleuthing. I have also received the same offer. I thought it was fishy, but mostly because they have just asked me in for a probationary period where I would have to provide my personal bank account info and a photocopy of my ID!! Looking for work is tough, and now we have people like this -- honestly, what kind of money do they hope to scam from an Fine Arts graduate with no job! Jokes on them.

  13. i got an offer as well. i filled out the employment application and today i recieved a probation agreement. it states 2 phases i have to complete. i felt very fishy about this company as well. They also mentioned to scan a piece of ID (driver's license or passport) but credentials dont have to be shown and to fax or email it to them. On the website it shows pictures of the individuals who have emailed me. i took that in as well about the website, if the company originally opened in Switzerland why is it showing New York. It does mention that they are opening in US and Canada. The guy who emailed me responded saying he is in New York working on the new company being open. But what is the point of me scanning my ID and faxing it??? confused

  14. I got a offer toothey want to give me the position and They need my SIN number, personal information, my bank account number. They want me to do a trial for 5 days to see if I qualified for the position. And they will send money to my bank account to process for the company. This is SCAM

  15. Thanks for posting this!!!!
    I just received my letter of acceptance from Stephan Huber and I can't make out what it is I am being hired to do. Your investigation into the matter is very well done and has saved me alot of time. I'm not sure exactly what the scam here is, but I did provide the company with a resume which has my real name. However they do not have any personal data. It's a very well put together package and I am very sorry to see that it is probably not for real.

  16. Wow!!! The greed and corruption is real in this world. So SICKENING!!! How do these people who orchestrate these online scams lives with themselves, sleep at night, or look at themselves in the mirror. Disgusting.

    I too got the email from Anne Keller, the same B.S. about a superior position, and fill in the application and return. Then got another email today from some Stephan Huber who wants me to fill out and sign and return another form with a copy of a government-issued ID. Thank God I trusted my intuition and gut instincts and looked into it, and came across this page. So, to the admin of this site, BIG THANK YOU from myself and so many others who were almost punked by these Trimension Capital LOSERS!!!

    Anyone know how we can report this to RCMP or local police or scam-busters? Or if anyone did so already? They have to be stopped immediately.

    1. Go ahead and report it yourself. Cops generally don't act upon a scam until they get like 20 or so complaints. Then they know it's serious and widespread.

    2. As a matter of fact, I did.

      I highly recommend others to do the same.

      Go on these two sites:

      Don't be lazy, do it!

    3. Heck, call the TV and radio stations too.

  17. I now just got the same exact offer but now they are called Capitalis Investment Advisors that are opening in Calgary on August 8th (also from Switzerland and presently in New York) and the guys name is Franz Roser. Glad I am very skeptical and found this website. As any job that seems too good to be true...usually is.

  18. Just wanted to add that I just got the same fraudulent offer from Investment & Consulting Reichard, from a Simon Pulfer/Nina Kleiner.

    It seemed ALMOST legit until the mention of bitcoin processing and the request for my banking info and passport, so I did some digging online and wound up at this blog - thanks for doing the detective work.

  19. I just got an offer from Reichards investment, exact same scam. Avoid!

  20. Im so glad i found this post. It seems like they changed their name to Investment and Consulting Reichard. Now business development guy is named Marc Yoder and he's still in New York lol. Wants me to do the 5 days portion of the probation period before September 19th which is when they claim they're opening the new Toronto office.

  21. wow, they are still at it, city after city, I hope no one falls hard and gets wiped out. This is awful. It was Montreal for me and Nina Kleiner and Simon Pulfer. They have new names with switched photos on their updated site. I checked today.

    1. It's just mad-libs to them. Swap out a couple terms and see what noob sheeple they can hook with the same scam.

  22. I just received an email from Reichard Investment and consulting. The names were Jessica Hunziker and Ronald Stamm. SCAM , AVOID

  23. Hey guys,
    I've received the exact same email from 'Invvestment and Consulting Reichard' and now they are opening up a new office in Australia!!! Just a warning to any Australians receiving anything from 'Ronald Stamm' or 'Jessica Hunziker' to ignore and never send any personal or bank details!

  24. Hi!

    I have received the exact same offer from HST Investment AG (wealth management firm founded in Switzerland in 2012), claiming to open a Montreal office on November 14. HR assistant contact: Catrin Bader, Development manager: Ralf Esser. Beware!

  25. Clearly it's the same group of scammers who swapped out the company name like playing Mad Libs.

  26. I almost feel for the scam until yesterday when I got my first instructions that I would receive cash into my account and to go to the nearest Bitcoin ATM near me and redeem the cash for coin. I came across this blog in my research. Just FYI, this was in Vancouver this week and their name is now Gaze Investments (exact same website / layout / photos)as previous companies described in the comments. Marcus Keller is the “supposed” Manager and Paula Voss is the fake HR person. I did get a phone call from his alleged assistant yesterday making sure I understood the instructions. She had a very heavy Russian accent, I could barely understand her. Who knows it's probably some scam out of Europe. Of course I wrote back yesterday telling them I know they are just looking for money mules and I haven’t heard back yet. I’m curious did anyone ever get cash into their account and buy Bitcoin? If so, what happened to the money that was put into your account? I assume a few days later it was returned by their bank and you were out the money? Hopefully this helps someone avoid this scam!

  27. I've received the same job offer from Alice Evans. I have the Agreement and I was going to send it over until I saw that they want my ID and they mentioned opening a bank account. Something sketchy going on here, obviously. Who can I report them to?

  28. They are now in Calgary Ab under the name of Zene Investments. The HR lady is Ingrid Kerner and her boss is Robert Roth. I am so desperate for a job that almost fell for it.

  29. My wife got an offer with them, we are in Calgary AB as well. The name of the company is Favo Investment and the Development Managers name is Kristian Kerner. The last name (see the previous post) is almost too easy.

  30. They are now in Montreal under he name Favo investment GMBH. Watch out!

  31. Got the same type of offer. Their company name is Favo Investments GmbH. Same thing the manager is still in New York, new offices are to be opened soon both in Regina in Canada and another one in U.S. They wanted me to start the first phase of training asap for 5days, etc. I haven't sign the training agreement yet and luckily I came across to this thread. I knew there was something wrong with the hiring process. Thanks a lot for your comments.

  32. Without second thought, I actually took the deposit and bought the Bitcoins. I hope that my photocopied ID would be used to impersonate me to cause credit card fraud.

  33. Hello I got the email this what it reads;

    Jоb ID#: 5123-PМ
    Pоsition tуре: Assistаnt Рrоjеct Маnager
    Lоcation: аll stаtes, U.S.
    Pоsted Dаte: 3/20/17 9:00 АМ ET
    Jоb Tyрe: Рermanеnt

    Аbоut Us:
    We arе а glоbal рrоsреctive, teсhnolоgy-enablеd perfоrmаncе mаrketing
    agеnсу аnd thе largеst indереndent оrgаnizatiоn in thе Еuroрe аnd Asiа for digitаl marketing and advеrtising.
    For mоre thаn ten уears we'vе beеn working with brands like L'Оreal, Chevrоlеt, МastеrСаrd, Мicrosоft аnd many оthers
    tо exеcutе and build customеr oriented businеss strаtegies.

    Кeу Rеspоnsibilities:
    - Fostеrs work tо the client аnd оbtаins cliеnt inрut throughout prоjeсt cоmрletion
    - Succеssfullу lаunсhes client venturеs оn time, in-scоpе and in-budgеt
    - Тakеs part in Ad рrоduct рrосеss

    - Demоnstrаted backgrоund in intepreting creative wоrk
    - Вrоаd understаnding of program devеlopment
    - Dеmonstrаtеd еxperienсe сoореrаting with сustоmers and firms

    Specifiс Аbilities:
    - Gеnеral computer skills Мicrosоft Suitе

    - Соmpеtitivе wаge of $90K a yеаr + реrfоrmаnce bоnusеs
    - Mediсal, vision, аnd dеntal insurаnсе
    - Pаid vacatiоn and sick dаys

    Oh it was also signed by Alice Evans from BTC -Exchange Inc . Poland

    If you find thе positiоn prospective and want mоrе dеtаils,
    рlеаse write us with cорy оf уour СV оr Resume.
    Аttеntion ! ONLY pеrsоns with а Resume will bе rеached.

    Its sad that this shit is happening, especially when one is really in need of a job, its hard enough that searching for employment on the INTERNET, one needs to be careful on those INTERNET site links, because a lot of them just come in overflowing your email box with trash emails saying job leads here there and they are just links with a category not giving you the true company info just redirecting you to other bullshit sites.
    Thank you

  34. hey... i got the same e-mail....$21 plus bonus....oh my god...thanx a lot for showing facts n figures.

  35. Anyone from Australia here? It seems that there is also a similar scam being done here by Bitcoin...

  36. Hello I got an offer from a company with the same email. But from a company called DSZ investment company, based out of Switzerland. I sent them id and Sin number. Omg I am scared now. They have my information. What should I do.

  37. I got the same offer but different Company. It was from Maria Smith. The company name is Beet logistics inc. I gave my perosnal info but hid the number. I gave her my interac email but change it right away when I google about Interac scams and realize Ive fallen from one. I dont know if Its possible to withdraw their transfer to buy them bitcoin and they suddenly cancel the transfer leaving me paying the amount I withdraw when the bank do the correction or use my account for money laundering since I bought some crypto before and there is no denial that I do not know or involve on those illegal transaction