Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quick Research: What is Eternyon and should you give them any money? (Probably not)

Occasionally MLMSkeptic was asked questions about a specific company. This is both such an investigation and an example about how I do such research. All this is done in about 30 minutes. (It took longer to write this blog post than to do the actual research)

Today's subject... Eternyon

So what the heck is Eternyon? They claim to be "advertising, technology, and e-commerce, using network marketing".

Frankly, their website looks like what some spammers built to catch people unaware, using only stock photos, like those fake universities.

Right now, there's no mention on who runs this business, or where they're located, on their own website. But it's clear it's aimed at Brazilian Americans, because it's in both Portuguese and English.

The wording in English is also quite... interesting. "Our Differential"? "Clients Benefits"? That looks as if it's written in Portuguese then ran through a translator.

It's allegedly centered in Worcester, Massachusetts... Where TelexFree was just closed not long ago by Feds.

You need to search online to find that Eternyon was allegedly founded by Wayne Howe and George Lima... Howe's allegedly a Massachusetts native, while George Lima was born in Rio de Janeiro but emigrated many decades ago.  However, there are no official paperwork viewable by the public proving Wayne Howe and George Lima are indeed the founders or executives of Eternyon, other than words of people trying to recruit you into Eternyon.

Searching WHOIS hit a "domain by proxy"... They don't want you to know who registered the company domain.

Eternyon refers to itself as "Eternyon LLC" but never stated where the business is registered. There is an "Eternyon" registered in Wyoming: 2014-000657722, first registered in 2014-JAN-24.

You can search Wyoming entity search here:

However, this is NOT an LLC, but a "trade name", i.e. "dba - doing business as". And it was registered by yet ANOTHER LLC, at the same address:

Tech Products LLC
255 Park Ave Ste 1000
Worcester, MA 01609 USA

However, Tech Products LLC, which is also a Wyoming entity (2011-000603187), is marked as "inactive-dissolved".

So to make things clear, Eternyon is registered in Jan 2014 by an entity that went inactive merely 4 months later (May 2014). Its executives are unknown. Enternyon is just a name. The company is "inactive - dissolved".

What do we know about the address?

If you punch in 255 Park Ave Ste 1000, Worcester, MA 01609 into Google or Bing, you should realize this is not a "real" address... It means "10th floor" of that building, which looks like this:

Indeed, this is operated by Executive Park Suites II, which operates the website here:

Please note suite 1000 is the address of the entire 10th floor. If Eternyon actually rents an actual suite, they would have a suite number that's NOT "1000", but 1007 or something like that. This suggests Eternyon is merely a virtual office in Worcester

Yet it wants you to put money into one of four "packages" $100, $600, $1200, or $2400 (bronze, silver, gold, or diamond) and promise you weekly ROI and direct recruitment commissions. Oh, and there's $20 enrollment fee and a $30 monthly renewal fee. And the packages are annual. 

But what do you sell? So far, just a "BestyClub" (benefits unknown) and some sort of PremiOne coffee. But how you got paid had nothing to do with the products themselves. 

So to sum things up... 

  • We don't know where this business is really located
  • We don't know who's really running the business
  • We *do* know they want you to put in a lot of money
  • We *do* know they promise to give you a lot of money if you recruit more people

Frankly, this smells like a scheme, much like TelexFree.

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