Friday, June 7, 2013

How many stock photos can a fake university steal?

A fake university, with no campus and no students, usually resort to stock photos to create the impression that it is a real university.

The fake "Riverbanks" university is no exception. We've highlighted them before for their fakery. (see the end in "related posts")

Just on the home page, you'll find that virtually every photo they have is a stock photo. I've cut their homepage into 3 sections to give you a visual breakdown.

Part 1: "above the fold".

Looks impressive, except it's stock photo:

Part 2: below the fold, part 1

Sure look pretty, but they are ALL stock photos

Here's 1

And 2

For 3 they showed a bit more creativity... They stole the slogan from a real university, then replaced their picture with some other stock photo

And 4 appears to be an European stock photo as it's not in any US database, but it's obvious.

Well, that's pretty conclusive that this university uses almost ALL stock images... What about the last portion? Same thing.

Here's 5, 6, and 7.

And finally, 8

Proving beyond shadow of doubt that this website has no real photos of anybody.  The very fact that this fake university uses a .COM instead of a real school .EDU should tell you it's a fake.
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  1. were they stolen or royalty free photos? we use some at

  2. One's Free, two's questionable, and rest are from stock photo sites.

    The point is none of the photos are "real" about the school. It's "fake".