Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fake Biwako Bank HYIP Goes Dark, Was Pitched to Zeek and Profitable Sunrise Victims

According to report on, the "Biwako Bank" HYIP apparently has gone bust.

This particular Biwako Bank was a fake website setup to assume the name of a former Japanese bank that had been merged into another bank in 2010.  It's identity fraud on a different scale.

This fake bank was clearly setup as an HYIP with multiple "plans" that offered up to 3.05% PER DAY. Yet some promoters are touting it as "NOT an HYIP, but a REAL BANK!"

Some reports indicate it apparently went bust two weeks ago and stopped paying out, and earlier this week the website went offline completely.

It was pitched to Profitable Sunrise victims as well as Zeek Rewards victims as a way to recoup their losses, making it a "reload scam".
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