Thursday, May 2, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: GoFunRewards Commits Seppuku, spirit returns to Hong Kong

The Chinese characters for "Hong Kong".
The Chinese characters for "Hong Kong". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As reported by BehindMLM and "The MLM Advocate" Troy Dooly, GoFun Rewards, a "business" with business model that heavily resembles Zeek Rewards ponzi, is closing its doors in the US and retreating to Hong Kong.

GoFun Places, i.e. GoFun Rewards was started by eAdGear, a company out of Hong Kong, that saw Zeek Rewards as its competitor where people can put in money and enjoy abnormally high returns, yet denies it is any sort of investment. It had previously sued affiliates in the US when those affiliates attempted to switch to Zeek Rewards and made websites comparing the two declaring Zeek Rewards superior in every way though highly similar.

Troy Dooly's video report stated that the attorney had determined that eAdGear's venture will likely be declared a Ponzi scheme in the US, leading to the voluntary shutdown.

It is thus far unknown what will happen to the respective lawsuits between it and Randall Williams / JubiRev (both have filed lawsuits against each other), or what will happen to any one with money in it.
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