Sunday, April 28, 2013

How an Internet Scam Works: Spam, Tease, Seize, and Squeeze.

SPAM! [don't buy]
SPAM! [don't buy] (Photo credit: dѧvid)
Wonkette had put out a wonder piece on how an Internet Scam Works through the four stages: spam, tease, seize, and squeeze. But there's an additional wrinkle... this one involved God, pastor, and church.

The spam part is simple. Some random unsolicited spam that claims some random quote from the Christian Bible about transfer of wealth, and how this unnamed pastor somewhere in Florida got into this "business" and in weeks is blessed by success and got loads of cash.

The email then sends you to a "capture page", i.e. a webpage where it lays out a short scenario, shows you a teaser video, and gets you to put in your email address "for more information". Some will also have you listen to a "recorded testimony" over the phone.

If you do put in your email address, the next email arrives, telling you that you need to go join a very likely scam that actually cost $315. And maybe you'll get more out of it than you put in... if you find more people to join (and put in their own $315).

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