Friday, June 13, 2014

News update 13-JUN-2014 (Friday!): TelexFree Faith Sloan plays dumb and begs for money; Solavei goes Chapter 11 Bankruptcy;

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Faith Sloan Plays Dumb and Begs Court to Release Money; SEC says "No Way"

Faith Sloan, one of the "TelexFree 8", has filed a motion on 10-JUN-2014 asking court to release about 18K to pay expenses such as lawyers, rent, and food.

However, this is specifically against the injunction that froze her money in the first place. SEC and the judge that issued the freeze has specifically stated that no "carveout" ( i.e. taking money from accounts that contains money that may be tainted by the fraud) will be allowed if the account owner does not declare his/her assets. Thus far, Faith Sloan has refused to declare her assets as she claimed doing so may incriminate herself (i.e. "plead the fifth").

SEC has also long documents that detailed her multiple violations of freeze order, including:

1) Paid $14854 to "Changes Worldwide" another suspect scheme on 24-APR-2014
2) Paid $3990 to "Changes Trading LLC", which is a part of Changes WorldWide, on 28-APR-2014
3) Wired $30000 to her attorney on 7-MAY-2014
4) Transferred her house deed to her mother on 12-MAY-2014

And here she comes asking the judge to release more money to pay rent... to her mother, whom she just gave her house to. AND another $18000 to her attorney.


What's even MORE interesting is she apparently has MORE money stashed in "Bank of China" and "Agricultural Bank of China", and she transferred some money to her account in March and April of 2014, before the freeze. One wonders how many other accounts does she have (and can some of them be under her mother's name?)

Oh, and guess who's running Changes Worldwide? My "good friend" Robert Lee Craddock!

"Birds of a feather, flock together."

Seal of the United States bankruptcy court. Ch...
Seal of the United States bankruptcy court.
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Solavei Declares Chapter 11 Bankruptcy / MLM Mobile Phone Went Nowhere

According to Chapter11Blog, Solavei has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in its home state of Washington, with current debt load of over 100 million according to some reports.

Have not seen any news coverage of this, so consider this "unconfirmed".

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