Saturday, June 6, 2015

The More Things Change, the More They Stay The Same: Scammer Joined More Scams

Apparently once you joined the seedier side of MLM (i.e. the pyramid and Ponzi scheme side), you get addicted to the easy money and you can't get out.

Kevin Trudeau apparently started cheating his way through life right after he finished high school, and quickly got into bank and credit card fraud.

Paul "ZeekRewards" Burks apparently operated multiple MLM businesses before shifting over to Ponzi scheme business model.

And this is hardly a Western practice, as apparently scammers are the same world over: it apparently is the only thing they know, once they had a taste of easy money.

Meet Yoshio Matsuura (松浦良夫), of Japan, and his link to at least two scams: Skybiz... and Interush.

Book in Japanese edited by
Yoshio Matsuura supposedly teaching
people how to succeed in Skybiz (scam)
First, a little historical perspective. Skybiz was supposed to be a "business" where individual operators buy a piece of "e-Commerce Web Pak" to join the Internet Commerce Revolution, own a piece of internet store, blah blah blah. However, what really happened is this is a pyramid scheme... it pays participants for introducing more paying members. It spread to multiple countries, until it was halted by FTC in 2001, and it finally reached a settlement in 2003 and died with a whimper.

Yoshio Matsuura was one of the high-flyers in Skybiz Japan. He was so good, he edited a book on "Complete Solutions of How to Succeed In Skybiz" (rough translation). See his name there in the lower left corner.

When Skybiz went away, he disappeared for a while, only to come back as rep of a different company called Interush... also a US based company. However, according to some netizens, this time Yoshio Matsuura is a part of Interush itself... being named officer of the Panama shell holding corporations that controls Interush.

MLMSkeptic had previously covered Interush several times before, as it had been chased out of China (2011), Taiwan (2012), AND Hong Kong (2013).

So why mention him now? Apparently Interush is back... as some... minions claimed that Interush had recently established an office in Singapore. And apparently my previous warnings about Interush had an effect, as netizens are linking to my old coverage and sharing the warning.

Which is a warning... check your upline's history... See if he's REALLY a success as he claimed. He could have been a successful scammer instead.

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  1. It's very obious that Interush is a Big Lier in Asia. I'm wondering why HK police doesn't shut down Interush's HK office. One of my relative's fri's fri in mainland is still paying monthly membership to Interush after a visit to HK office.