Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: TelexFree investigation in Colombia

There has been little news out of Colombia after their Twitter-announced shutdown of WCM777 Ponzi that involved tweets from both the President AND the Police Chief. Now, the Superintendency of Companies in Colombia has apparently shut down TelexFree Colombia.

The Agency has published a public notice, based on the authority given in the financial emergency act of 2008 that given the government authority to investigate and close down scams in the wake of DMG and other pyramid schemes that almost destroyed the country's economy.

The public notice listed names and ID numbers of multiple individuals, with surnames of Lopez, Sierra, Moreno, and Vergel, with specific reference to "TelexFree Colombia"

A Colombian News article also pointed out that Colombia had recognized the existence of DMG-style pyramid/ponzi scheme in TelexFree.

It's also worth noting that TelxFree had been shut down in Brazil back in 2013, and is also shut down by Federal authorities in the US in 2014 after attempting to declare bankruptcy.

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