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Scam Absurdities: What Sann Rodrigues of TelexFree do NOT want you to know about his past

It is amazing how little "due diligence" people use when it comes to "making money". Often, all you have to do is Google the name, and scroll through a couple pages of cheerleading results, to get to the truth. Today, we shall do a little digging into a gentleman by the name of "Sann Rodrigues"... except that's not really his name, but more of an alias.

Sann Rodrigues current has the title "First Millionaire TelexFree US", and appeared at various TelexFree "seminars" roughly like this:

Sann Rodrigues speaking about TelexFree? or FoneClub?
Not His Full Legal Name

First things first... Sann Rodrigues is not his "full legal name". His full legal name is Sanderley Rodrigues De Vasconcelos. Actually, there's probably a few surnames missing, as Brazilians tend to use both surnames of both parents, so I'll refer you to wikipedia page on Portuguese names (Brazilians use it too)  However, the "convention" is to use the last surname on the list (usually paternal), so his name *should* have been Sanderley Vasconcelos. For him to call himself Sann Rodrigues would be like Samuel L. Jackson to name himself Sam Leroy. (L stands for Leroy, really)  

While one is allowed to use a different surname in the family, like Ayrton Senna is really Ayrton Senna da Silva, Senna chose to be known as Senna because da Silva is a very popular surname. However, "Sann Rodrigues" had done the exact opposite, because "Rodrigues" is a VERY VERY common South American surname, found in both the Spanish speaking parts *and* the Portuguese-speaking parts. 

One wonders if Mr. "Rodrigues" has something to hide.

Sann Rodrigues was head of FoneClub Scam in both US and Brazil

Second, what he had to hide becomes crystal clear when one Googles his name directly and skip past all those videos and such... and found a government website link. 

It appears that in 2006, Mr. "Sann Rodrigues", who was also known as Sanderley Vasconcelos, was shut down by the SEC, the same folks who closed the Zeek Rewards ponzi scheme, for operating a pyramid scheme called "Universo FoneClub" specifically targeting Brazilians, and Brazilian- Americans. Especially illegal immigrants who was afraid if they complain to the authorities they will be deported. It is an especially vicious affinity scam.

 Quoting from the SEC press release:
The Commission's papers charge Sanderley R. De Vasconcelos and Victor Sales with promoting a pyramid scheme known as "FoneClub" that targets Brazilians and Brazilian-Americans living in the area of Framingham, Massachusetts. The Commission alleged in its complaint that the defendants falsely promised members of the Brazilian community that they would earn substantial sums of money by paying approximately $2,000 to $5,000 to become members of a company referred to as the FoneClub that purportedly sells prepaid telephone calling cards through a multi-level marketing structure. However, the complaint alleged that the defendants, who have emphasized to potential investors that neither they nor the company will earn profits from the sale of phone cards, are in reality luring victims into a pyramid scheme in which its members only make money through the recruitment of new members. The complaint alleged that the defendants emphasized in their sales pitch, which was given in Portuguese, that God wanted the Brazilian community to prosper financially and that the FoneClub would provide the opportunity for it to do so.
For those of you who keep up with (or are in) TelexFree, all of these should sound VERY familiar.

It's worth noting that Victor Sales is usually known as Reverend Victor Sales, and also has two other names. Yes, a man of God in a pyramid scheme. 

For those of you who are NOT familiar with TelexFree, a few Google searches should tell you that...

2) "Sann" and disciples told the world that one can easily make money in TelexFree, usually by posting ads (one a day!) and get paid with VOIP apps which can allegedly be sold, but also gets a "profit share"... but you have to "buy in" the ad package to the tune of several thousand dollars. How different is this from the FoneClub explanation above?

3) God wants Brazilians to proper and FoneClub is the way? That sounds a lot like a Carlos Costas speech where he vowed to fight the Brazilian government's shutdown of TelexFree because God used him to create TelexFree.

After SEC closed down Universo FoneClub it appointed a receiver to give back 1.8 million worth of funds. However, eventually Sann Rodriguez was not punished. Why? He opened for 2 months, got like over 1000 people joined, then a newspaper said FoneClub could be illegal. THEN he hired a MLM lawyer (it may have been Gerald "I see no Ponzi" Nehra), but it was too late, SEC then stepped in and shut him down.  He claimed he's merely ignorant of the fact that what he did was illegal, so he was not penalized other than having his business shut and money repatriated to its rightful owners.

His prior MLM, and FoneClub doBrazil

According to Brazilian news Globo report, he was in Amway, Monavie, and AmeriPlan before jumping to TelexFree. But before TelexFree, he tried to restart FoneClub in Brazil, which failed. He blamed one of his partners stealing his software and database.

His Theatrics in the US Virtual Office

Sann Rodriguez gained a bit of notoriety when one day he and a cameraman walked through the front door of the building which was listed on TelexFree's Brazilian website as their US office, then proceed to walk around pretending the whole building belongs to TelexFree, when Google search shows it's just a Regus virtual office complex where meeting rooms and offices can be rented by the hour, and also receive mail, fax, and phone calls.  Even Brazilian news noticed this "fib" (click through to see video).  What's even funnier is the TelexFree English website lists their HQ as being in Brazil. (remember, Brazilian website lists HQ in the US).

Does something smell "fishy" to you?

 In Conclusion...

So what is Sann Rodrigues, or whatever his name is, up to now? He's going to Europe and tout TelexFree there, with the rest of TelexFree heads, includes Merrill, Wanzeler, and Labriola. And this time, he'll have a new title  "Top Promoter in the world (of TelexFree)"

Given that TelexFree is shut down in Brazil since March 2013, and is clearly illegal in the US according to even MLM pros, this ain't exactly something to brag about...

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  1. The fact that DiskAvontade, ran by Wanzeler, and Common Cents Communications, ran by Merrill, are also based out of Massachussetts... would indicate that perhaps Sann Rodrigues is not a "mere" top promoter... but part of the inner circle in TelexFree.

    One questions... WHO supplied the phone cards and VOIP to FoneClub back in 2006? Would it be Diskavontade? And why did Merrill meet Brazilian TV reporter in office of Diskavontade, NOT TelexFree?

    1. Sann Rodrigues is the owner of Telexfree. Banned from SEC since 2006 he create Telexfree using fake directors like Carlos Costa as front-end.
      Sanderley Rodrigues we know what you did...

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  3. @Anon, already explained the lack of real office in

    I nuked your comment because it contained a link to a potentially scam site as per MyWOT. Feel free to repost without the link.

  4. Here is now living in Florida and he is recruiting people here to do Pozzi Schemes, you can see he with Ferrari,Lamborghini, Mercedes, everything to show and convince people to participate.